Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Mascara - Tesco vs Rimmel

Hi there bloggers!

Seeing as i've been super busy at work, I didnt have time to actually have a go at this blogging business - now I have 2 whole weeks off (*bliss*) I thought id have a go at blogging all the ideas that have been milling around in my mind! So here goes.....

Admittedly, im a serial mascara hopper - I dont tend to stay put with one brand - I like to mooch around Superdrug or Boots, see whats about or whats on offer, and take it from there. I also dont tend to spend more than £10 (is tis a bad thing?) So recently, I ended up buying two:

 After browsing in superdrug for a while I chose Rimmel Max Volume Flash - in Ultra Black 003, and later that week, whilst mooching down the toiletries ailse I spotted this lurking on the shelf (our tesco doesnt sell makeup, tis too small!) - a Tesco own brand (I presume) All About Face mascara in black (there arent any specific details on it at all?).

All About Face, Black - £1.50
Rimmel Volume Flash, Ultra Black 003 - £5.99 (ish, forgive me i forget the exact price!)

Now, I would have loved to have said that the AAF mascara worked wonders, but It doesnt glide on very well, it makes my eyelashes clump together, and you can definately tell it was cheap! Now im stuck with a full mascara :( (i did give it a few goes, but alas, I cannot get on with it.) It also seems a bit weak and watery if that makes sense?

The Rimmel mascara - I love it! It glides on, without clumping, gives great volume, and can be used for either a day or night look. If i wear it in the day I tend to use 1 layer, or 2 for a darker, more dramatic look. I also quite shamelessly love the pink packaging!

So sadly, it does seem in this instace that you do get what you pay for - it is a shame as I wanted to have a 'wow' moment with the AAF product!

Has anyone else tried Tesco products/other supermarket own brand mascaras?

Thanks for reading, Daisy xx

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