Wednesday, 16 March 2011

* Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation * Shade 51 & 52

Evening ladies!

Tonight I thought i'd share some thoughts on my newest foundation - Bourjois Healthy Mix. Id read some good reviews in the papers/magazines, and saw some good blog posts floating around, so I decided to give it a go, rather that shelling out £20-odd on my usual Clinique Superbalanced Foundation. I tend to only wear this in the day time, saving my higher-end foundations for evening wear.

I have 2 shades - Light Vanilla (51) for the winter months and Vanilla (52) for when I have a bit of a tan!

It boasts a 16hr coverage, which I dont particulary find entirely true - I definately need a top up after a full shift at work if i'm off out anywhere, but on a weekend, throughout the day it seems to last pretty well - not sure how this works, lol!

I do like the scent, and it gives a good medium coverage - not too heavy and not too light. Its also pretty buildable. It also promises a 'Fruit therapy radiance boost' - but in all honesty, im not sure it makes my skin any better than my Clinique really!

 It also comes with a handy pump, which is a plus - my Clinique is just an open bottle!

Here I have compared the 2 shades:
Left - Light Vanilla (51)  ~ Right - Vanilla (52)

Left - Light Vanilla (51)  ~ Right - Vanilla (52)
This one is the opposite way round, Vanilla on the left, Light on the right. You can see there is quite a difference between then two.

Here you can see the coverage (layered on a bit thicker than I would normally wear it!) You can see how it gives a nice even tone, and covers up a mole relatively well, so its not bad for evening out skin tone.

So - thoughts in a nutshell:
Price - £9.99 -  4/5
Coverage - 3/5
Does what it promises? 3/5
Repurchase? - Yes - unless I find something to top this one!

Let me know your thoughts on this one - does it work for you?
Thanks for reading :)


  1. I've been wanting to try this for a while, thanks for the review :) xxx

  2. Ahh I had high hope for this as Gary Cockerill (Katie Price's makeup artist) really recommended it. Ive tried and thought pretty much the same as you. Its good but not great for everyone like with the limited range of colours. xxx

  3. Gosh, I tried googled and googled to determine either to order 51 or 52. And I still couldn't figure it out after 5 days. You'd be surprised to see how often and how long I was in this page. Thank you for the comparison!

  4. Yeah, i had the same dilemma, cause i have 53 and it's way darker. U helped us see a proper comparison. Thank u!

  5. I'm in between shades! Boooo :( x


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