Thursday, 17 March 2011

* Simple Eye Makeup Corrector Pen *

Evening girlies!

I came home today to a little mystery envelope today, and inside was the new Simple eye make-up corrector pen! This came as I am a part of the Simple VIP club - see the button on the side of my blog for more info on this!

As you can see, it boasts a non-greasy formula, with a precision tip that removes eye make up mistakes, which even includes waterproof mascara! This is perfect for me as I always tend to make mistakes with eyeliner - no more touching up with a cotton bud for me!

What Simple say:

"It's time to wave goodbye to make up mishaps and make room for a new handbag essential… introducing the new Simple Kind To Eyes Eye Make-Up Corrector Pen. Its ingenious pen-like design dispenses the award-winning Simple eye make up remover, so you can precisely and easily wipe away those day-to-day make up mistakes like smudges, flaking, streaks and even waterproof mascara, while leaving the rest of your make up untouched. Even better, it contains Pro-Vitamin B5, and with no perfume and no colour, it's suitable for the delicate skin around your eyes, perfect even for sensitive skin"

Simple Goodness:
  • Pro-Vitamin B5 actively restores, softens and smoothes
  • No Alcohol, No Oil
  • Non Drying and Non Greasy
  • No Perfume, No Colour
  • No unnecessary ingredients and No harsh chemicals so it won’t upset your skin.
  • Dermatologically Tested and Approved

It is recommended that you hold the pen upside-down for 10-15 seconds, use, then wipe with a makeup remover wipe to keep the pen looking fresh and free from any clumps.
You can see the results here:

This is released on 23rd March, and will retail at a very reasonable £4.99.
Does anyone think they will be making a purchase? I was definately eyeing this up before I received one!

Daisy xx


  1. Love it! Exactly what i need for my not so steady hand early in the mornings!


  2. OMG, perfect. especially the fact it's oil-free, and cheap! Thanks for posting! x

  3. Wow! Looks amazing :) might have to find this! x

  4. It looks so useful i will be picking one up when i see it xxxx great review

  5. This looks so handy! I'm always making slight errors and have to use a make-up wipe all the time which isn't ideal! x


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