Thursday, 16 February 2012

Shoes and Shorts

Too soon for summer clothes...naaah?
Im off on holiday at the end of March to Mexico, and I saved my Christmas/Birthday money so I could treat myself to something new to sqeeze into my suitcase.

Beige Linen Shorts - £14.99 (see here)
High Waisted Coloured Shorts - £16.99 (see here for other colours)

I love the fit of both - the red/terracotta colour can be dressed up for the evening, and the beige are less fitted, ideal for daytime wear. Mr DTD has an NUS card (he works in a college, love this perk of the job!) and Newlook have a 20% off student discount running at the moment, saving me a bit of money.

I also tried these wedges on in a different branch today - at £24.99 they seem a bargain! I have a bit of a weakness for any shoes that are black and suede. I was restrained and put them back, and as mother rightly said, think of the 20% discount you could have. So of course, i'll definately be toddling back down there tomorrow armed with Mr and his NUS card!


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

La Senza Bargain alert!

Being half term, me and the fiance had a little mooch around the shops and I popped into La Senza. I'd heard La Senza were in trouble, and after browsing online and chatting on Twitter it seemed the stores and stock online were dwindling so I hoped to get some of my usual repurchases in case they disappeared!

 Mr DTD pointed out that nearly ALL of the bras had a £5 tag above them - admittedly the nicer, fancier ones werent in stock, but all the black, white and nude colours were available in a multitude of styles.

I bought 3 of my usual repurchases that I would happily pay £16 a piece for, but ended up with all 3 for £15 - a pretty good saving huh!

The sales assistant said they has been taken over by a new company, so they wanted to sell of the old stock. If your store is still open (I heard that some had gone) It might be worth a look - a £33 saving isnt bad hey!

Batiste Cherry is here!

As do alot of bloggers, I too swear by the lifesaver we call Batiste.
The latest fragrance to be added to the growing line of dry shampoo is Cherry - a sweet and fruity addition.

 This certainly has a strong, sweet smell, which isnt too cherry-like, more fruity and perfumey. I must be a bit odd, as I like cherries, but hate the artificial smell of cherry you can get. This definately will give your hair a fresh boost, and will be added to my repurchase list when it comes to choosing which flavour to purchase next. If sweet smells arent your thing, Blush or Tropical might be a better choice from the growing range.

Will you be picking up Cherry Batiste?

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

W7 Matte Lips

This is my latest love - W7 Mega Matte Lips.

I was stood in the queue at Newlook, and the way the store in Weston-Super-Mare is designed, the makeup items are conveniently placed next to the tills so you can make a well thought out purchase (ahem, impulse buy) as you wait to pay. I spotted this lonely lipgloss amongst some W7 nail polish, I dont normally go for matte lip colours, but the colour really stood out and it was so pigmented. And the price was a mere £1 for some reason, so obviously I had to indulge!

I believe the shade is either Take me out Tonight (see here) or possibly Coral (see here). It seems the general price is about £1.99 online.

The colour is a tad strong for me to wear fully, so a dab a little onto a brush or my finger, and apply lightly to my lips - it has great staying power in my opinion!

This is my first W7 product, simply because I havent come across any until now! What are your favourites?


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