Wednesday, 15 February 2012

La Senza Bargain alert!

Being half term, me and the fiance had a little mooch around the shops and I popped into La Senza. I'd heard La Senza were in trouble, and after browsing online and chatting on Twitter it seemed the stores and stock online were dwindling so I hoped to get some of my usual repurchases in case they disappeared!

 Mr DTD pointed out that nearly ALL of the bras had a £5 tag above them - admittedly the nicer, fancier ones werent in stock, but all the black, white and nude colours were available in a multitude of styles.

I bought 3 of my usual repurchases that I would happily pay £16 a piece for, but ended up with all 3 for £15 - a pretty good saving huh!

The sales assistant said they has been taken over by a new company, so they wanted to sell of the old stock. If your store is still open (I heard that some had gone) It might be worth a look - a £33 saving isnt bad hey!

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