Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Blog sale!

Hi all, please excuse my hiatus - teaching has gotten in the way of blogging big time! I may be posting over the summer and I still read all of your lovely blogs! 
Before I put some things on ebay (hurry up free listing!!) I thought id put some bits on here for a blog sale first to see if anyone wanted anything!

Postage is £2.20 per item (I hate postage charges :/ )  If you buy more than 1 item I will discount it for you. Leave a comment with your paypal if you are interested in anything, and I shall send an invoice. UK only im afraid!
Thanks for looking!

 Nails Inc Duo Unused - OMP and Atomic - £1.50

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Lovesick.
Bought on a whim, doesnt suit me! Used x 1 - £3.00

Newlook Coral top - Size 8
Elasticated waist, tie front, bead detailing on flowers.

Primark Lonline Vest/Dress - Size 8
Plenty long enough to be worn with leggings s a long top/dress!

 H&M Butterfly Top - XS - Will fit 8-10.

 H&M dress Size 8
2 pockets in the front, boned corset and zip up back.

 H&M Butterfly Top - XS - Will fit 8-10.


Thanks for looking, please leave a comment or tweet me at @dresstbldiaries if you have any questions!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

And there will be sun, sun, sun.

I hope everyone is enjoying the sun! It was so hot at work yesterday, the kids definately dont enjoy the heat!

Like most normal girls, I seem to have a slight problem with candles, in which I cannot seem to stop buying them! I thought I would share my current favourites that are burning in my house at the moment.

Apologies, I am pretty impatient and I did not take a picture of them looking pristine and un-burned sadly!

First up are my two Bomb Cosmetics candles in Gorgeous and Sex on Fire.  We picked them up for £7.25 from a cornish shop, but they are available on their own website or on ebay.

These smell beautiful! They are made with pure essential oils, and these two smell fab. Each one is decorated with cute little hearts too. I will admit though, I did put down about 15 other candles from this range because I hated the smell of them, but I am quite picky!

Sex on Fire is made with  ylang ylang and mandarin essential oils, and smells so homely and fruity - definately a repurchase for me.
Gorgeous is made with geranium and lemon essential oils, but the smell is quite difficult to describe! It reminds me of fruity sweets!

Next up are my Yankee samplers. I picked these up from Cadbury Garden Centre (I love it there!). I chose Bahama Breeze, and the Boy chose Stawberry.

I would love to try some different ones, what are your recommendations?

Monday, 21 May 2012

Summer Shoes

My shoe collection seems to be growing recently, much to my boys/parents dismay. Even though I moved out a year ago, my Dad still feels the need to moan about my shoes, ha. I picked up these flats from Primark a few weeks ago now and have only just got round to wearing them. They were around the £6 mark I think - I like the floral print, and havent really got any shoes in this style so they make a nice change from flip flops!

I also picked up these New Look wedges - i've been on a constant hunt for the perfect pair of tan wedges and for now, these can fit the bill! They fit perfectly, and, as a bonus, I can walk in them, hooray! Ive paired them up with a number of different outfits since buying them and so far, so good.

You can find them here, for £24.99.

Im also eyeing up these beauties, but for now, one pair of brown wedges is enough! Im liking the cross oer style at the moment, they're a little similar to the black suede wedges I bought a little while back! (see here!) Im not sure how long i'll last though before giving in!
New Look, £24.99

Now all we need is a little sun and warmth! Paha, not likely...

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Weekend Wishlist

Hello, hello - long time no blog!

I know, most of my posts seem to begin with this nowadays, but with summer creeping up and the 6 weeks holidays looming in a couple of months I shall have plenty of time to clog up your dashboards! I have still been tweeting and reading blogs though!

I though I would share just a few of the things I am coveting at the moment!
01.  Navy Polka Dot Dipped Hem Dress - £27.99  Link
02.  Red Mini Butterfly Print Dress- £16.99  Link
03. Benefit Porefessional Primer - £23.50 Link
04. Animal Kirsty Slip Ons – £22 - Link
05. Vera Wang Lovestruck - £35 - Link

Ive always benn a fan of NewLook dresses - I can always find something I like and ive never personally had a problem with the quality, their prices are always reasonable and affordable too. The tiny red butterflies on the 1st dress are so cute! This also comes in navy and white too, but the red just seems to stand out to me. The dipped hem phase is also taking my liking too with this polka dot number. 

The shoes were something I kept picking up in Cornwall recently but I ended up buying a dress instead - I wish they did a size 5.5 as this would be perfect! 

I fell in love with Lovestuck in the airport a month or so ago, this is definately a "me" smell. Im in two minds with the Porefessional  - Do I wait until the 31st for the Glamour freebies, or do I spend the £20 Boots gift card that is burning a hole in my pocket?

Let me know what you think of my picks!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Shoes and Shorts

Too soon for summer clothes...naaah?
Im off on holiday at the end of March to Mexico, and I saved my Christmas/Birthday money so I could treat myself to something new to sqeeze into my suitcase.

Beige Linen Shorts - £14.99 (see here)
High Waisted Coloured Shorts - £16.99 (see here for other colours)

I love the fit of both - the red/terracotta colour can be dressed up for the evening, and the beige are less fitted, ideal for daytime wear. Mr DTD has an NUS card (he works in a college, love this perk of the job!) and Newlook have a 20% off student discount running at the moment, saving me a bit of money.

I also tried these wedges on in a different branch today - at £24.99 they seem a bargain! I have a bit of a weakness for any shoes that are black and suede. I was restrained and put them back, and as mother rightly said, think of the 20% discount you could have. So of course, i'll definately be toddling back down there tomorrow armed with Mr and his NUS card!



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