Monday, 21 May 2012

Summer Shoes

My shoe collection seems to be growing recently, much to my boys/parents dismay. Even though I moved out a year ago, my Dad still feels the need to moan about my shoes, ha. I picked up these flats from Primark a few weeks ago now and have only just got round to wearing them. They were around the £6 mark I think - I like the floral print, and havent really got any shoes in this style so they make a nice change from flip flops!

I also picked up these New Look wedges - i've been on a constant hunt for the perfect pair of tan wedges and for now, these can fit the bill! They fit perfectly, and, as a bonus, I can walk in them, hooray! Ive paired them up with a number of different outfits since buying them and so far, so good.

You can find them here, for £24.99.

Im also eyeing up these beauties, but for now, one pair of brown wedges is enough! Im liking the cross oer style at the moment, they're a little similar to the black suede wedges I bought a little while back! (see here!) Im not sure how long i'll last though before giving in!
New Look, £24.99

Now all we need is a little sun and warmth! Paha, not likely...


  1. Those flats are so cute, they're perfect for summer! xx

  2. I love them flats, the ditsy print is so cute :) x x x

  3. I love the shoes you are eyeing up from New Look, you should get them ;) I'm loving criss-cross strapped shoes for Summer this year too :)

    Frances xx

  4. The New Look wedges are exactly what I have been searching for... something to knock about in during upcoming garden parties. Simply fabulous. Thanks for the post! I will definitely be getting me a pair!

    Sarah x


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