Sunday, 13 March 2011

ELF Mineral Blush -Joy - a Dandelion Dupe?

I hit pan on my beloved Benefit Dandelion blush a couple of weeks ago, so I set out to find a new blush, that would not break the bank so much as Dandelion did! I do love it, and I will probably get alot more use out of it, but I fancied a loose powder blush this time, so off I trotted to the ELF website. 

Working in a school means that my makeup is usually quite natural in the daytime (I save darker toned blushes for evenings!), so a light pink just gives a hint of colour in the winter & spring months until the bronzer comes out! I know that technically Dandelion is a brightening face powder, but I only use it on my cheeks.

After pondering for a while ; researching various swatches, I settled for ELF's Mineral Blush in Joy. It is described as a mauve-lilac colour, and is a perfect neutral toned pink. It is 100% mineral based, with no parabens, preservatives or chemical dyes.

I also compared it with Benefit Dandelion, also described a pink/mauve- I think its a pretty decent dupe!
You do get much more product with Benefit - 0.35oz compared with ELF's 0.12oz.
Dandelion retails at a whopping £24, compared to ELF at a teeny £3.50.

Dandelion has more of a shimmer and seems softer than the ELF blush, but the ELF blush seems much more durable. I swatched them on my arm, and after checking later, the Benefit blush had nearly worn away, leaving the ELF blush still visable!

Both seem to have their own pro's - Dandelion does have its own special features that make it such good quality, but for an everyday dupe, its affordable price & wearability, Joy isnt bad at all! Lets see what happens when I do run out of Dandelion - will ELF convince me not to repurchase?

Have you tried any ELF blushes? What were your thoughts?


  1. I like the colour of Joy! I find Elf products do last longer than some other products :)

  2. Wow they're so alike! :)
    I want to try this out now! xxx

  3. I have this blusher. Its very subtle but nice and light for day time. x

  4. Wow there's like no difference! Amazing! Hope you visit back :)

  5. wow thats awefully close!!!! Good one

  6. looks really pretty, been wondering whether to get some things from the elf mineral range, ever tried the mineral foundations from elf?
    also I'd love it if you looked at my blog I'm new :)


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