Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Primark Goodies!

Evening lovelies!

Last week I popped to Primark, and actually had the time to have a proper look around - the Bristol one is huuuge and you need a while to ensure you see everything! My boy was super patient and didnt moan at me, and was really helpful! Here's a selection of the things I picked up alongside the ususla staples of tights etc!

Flower Print Dress - £7

I LOVE this! I don't normally pick up dresses from Primark, but this one caught my eye! I love how you can wear this with leggings, boots and a cardi for the winter, and flipflops in the summer.

I also picked up their staple flipflops for summer! I think they were £2.50.

This year the toe detailing is slightly different, having a crossover front.
I only bought one pair as I find they dont last me too long, whereas Newlooks seem a bit more durable. Last year, however, the flip flops I wanted from Newlook seemed to be constantly sold out in the tan colour I wanted, hance why I got this pair just in case!

I also picked up a couple of £2 plimsolls for work.

And secondly for work, some cardigans - I only wanted cheapy ones as they get covered in paint, food, and alot worse!!
The teal and the grey long cardi's were £9 each, but please forgive the £10 H&M imposter on the end ;)

I hope you liked my purchases! Primark had lots of other nice dresses, but sadly they had sold out of my size...sigh. Maybe next time!

Daisy xx


  1. I love Primark and your goodies look lovely! The flip flops look nice but I hate getting my toes out! lol xx

  2. i love primark so much! great post xo

  3. I love that dress, so pretty for spring/summer. x

  4. Oooh those cardis are cute! I took my dad in there the other day and it was absolute bedlam, never again! My boyfriend gets shafty with Primers, I either go in Bristol or Leeds and both are mahoosive, no chance of a quick nip round. Did you see some of the heels in the Bristol one? So pretty! x

  5. I have that dress bought it a couple of weeks ago to wear to the look show, I love it :) Your other goodies are good too I want some of those cardi's because you can never have enough xx

  6. love your primarni buys xxx

  7. Ooh, love those sandals - a pair from Primark normally lasts me the whole summer...just! x


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