Monday, 27 December 2010

* MAC Lovelorn - My new love! *

Hi bloggers! I hope you had a fab Christmas!
Today I shall be sharing my newset MAC purchase - Lovelorn!

It is a lustre finish (sheer and glossy), and for me, its the perfect girlie pink which can be worn in the day or layered at night!
My other MAC's are frost finishes, so I wanted something with a bit more shine to it, and this does the job just nicely!

I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking....

Has anyone else got Lovelorn - does it work for you?

Daisy xx

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Its beginning to look alot like Christmas...

Hi lovelies! 
I just wanted to share some winter pics i'd taken over the past few days :)

This was after our first covering of snow, there's now twice as much!! The blue skies have also been replaced by a constant greyness.

And a few to finish, ones from Weheartit that made me smile :)

Daisy xxx

* Birthday Buys & Gifts *

Aloha Ladies!

In this post i'll be sharing my birthday gifts and buys, so forgive the amount of photos! I think I got more girly things for my birthday as for Christmas my main present will be a fridge haha! If you follow me on twitter then you might have seen that im in the process of buying a house, and unfortunately a fridge is definately needed more than clothes/a camera etc! I did manage to get a pair of grey boots under the tree mind ;)

Anyhoo, onto the goodies!

Accessorize Earrings
 These earrings are lovely and were a gift, so i'm unsure of the price. The leaves move slightly and are not fixed which is a nice touch. They are my current faves and go with most outfits!

 Kiss Nail Art - Superdrug
 These stickers and gems came from Superdrug & are to help my quest in improving my nail art!
I believe they are around £2.99? The gems and flowers come in a range of sizes, with some individual petals too. The larger flowers have a tiny little diamante in the middle too!
 They stick onto your nail easily ready for a topcoat to seal them with, although i'm guessing the gems will need a touch of nail glue to ensure they stick!

Newlook Herringbone Tights - £5.99
 I LOVE these snuggly grey tights! They are so warm and cosy that I bought a couple of pairs! I also love the colour - they are a great alternative to the usual black leggings or tights that I usually adorn! I do tend to layer them over a black pair of tights to keep me warm in all this snow mind!!

 Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat- £6.50 - Ebay (bought with b-day moola!)
 I wont say much on this one as most bloggers have covered it! I will say that its amazing, and how did I not live with this before?!

Slippers - £16.99 - Republic

 These slippers are so cute and snuggly! The perfect pair of slipper boots for me (bought by the boy, bless him!) They are fluffy inside too which keep your tosies nice and warm! I love the bow and silver heart charm on the sides too!

And, last but not least:

Brown boots - Barratts - £40
These beauties were from my Dad, and I love them! 
I think I have a boot problem, and ive got so many pairs! I havent got a brown pair with a small heel though so its ok ;) They look good either dressed up or down, and the heel's a nice size so it doesnt hurt you if youre wearing them all day!

They were £40, but I popped into Barratts yesterday and they were sitting on the shelves grinning at me with a £25 price tag!! How dare they! I might not mention that to Daddio mind..!

So thats most of my goodies, some others I am sharing in other blog posts as I think they deserve their own!

Hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading if you made it this far hehe!
Daisy xxx

* Virgin Vie Quad - In the Buff *

Afternoon Bloggers!

This is a little review of the Virgin Vie Ready to Wear 'In the Buff' eyeshadow collection, bought for me by my lovely friend! I was quite intrigued as I personally havent seen many posts on this brand.

Its a lovely collection of neutrals, with highlight, shade, contour and define colours. They are nicely pigmented, and the quad comes with a little guide on how to apply the colours, which is fab for people who havent experimented with creating a smokey look before. It also comes in a little box, perfect for a present!

Here's a little more of a closeup for you!

These swatches are without primer (my primer (when I wrote this post) was currently wrapped and under the Chrstmas tree!) They arent heavily swatched & can go darker, so they are pretty buildable for a daytime of evening look.

I personally havent tried Virgin Vie products & havent been to a party, but i'm now quite tempted! I wore this on a night out and was very impressed with the results! Unfortunately my camera is crap and the photos of me dont show it that well! I didnt have time to take a closeup sadly :(

The quads retail at £10, and come in 4 colours - you can see them here if you like!

I also recieved the Naked Pallette for Christmas, so I might do a little comparison :)

Has anyone else tried these or any other Virgin Vie products?

Daisy xx

Monday, 20 December 2010

* Models Own Glitter Polish Collection *

Good Evening Ladies! 

I hope everyone is feeling decidedly festive and snowy!

I will be doing a series of posts (hopefully - its gonna be a tad busy around here soon with the family descending on us!) featuring items ive received for my birthday!

First up - the Models Own Glitter Polish Collection.

 *Left - Right *

* Disco Mix, Magenta Divine, Emerald City, Juicy Jules, Scarlet Sparkle, Mixed Up *

This set features 6 amazingly glittery shades, perfect for the party season.
It is priced at £20, which is a bargain seeing as 1 polish retails for £5!

Click here to see the Models Own collections on their website.

The colours are as follows:
Disco Mix - Pink and Blue Glitter
Juicy Jules - Silver and Multicoloured Holograph coloured style glitter
Emerald City - Emerald Green glitter
Magenta Divine - Pink Glitter
Scarlet Sparkle - Red glitter in a red polish
Mixed Up - Black and multicoloured glitter

Here are a few festively snowy swatches for you! I couldnt resist going out in the snow! All pictures are 3 quick coats of polish.

* Disco Mix *

*Juicy Jules, Emerald City, Magenta Divine *

* Scarlet Sparkle *

* Mixed Up*
This isnt the best swatch, the glitter is multicoloured in real life!

All of the polishes apart from Scarlet Sparkle (red) are pure glitter in a clear polish, whereas the red glitter is in a red coloured polish. They are quick and easy to apply and dry relatively quickly, although I tend to finish mine off with a coat of Seche Vite. They also have good staying power, and have even with standed the wrapping of many presents - this usually wrecks my nail polish!

The only down side I can think of is the removal - be patient and allow alot of time - this stuff doesnt come off easily!!

Here are a few close ups of the bottles themselves.

Have you tried any of these polishes or any other Models Own sets?
I am loving the glitter for this festive season - are you?

Daisy xxx


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