Saturday, 30 October 2010

New Nail Polish Makes Me :)

Aloha Ladies :)

I seem to have aquired a few new Nail Polishes recently, so I thought i'd share them with you!
Two are my OPI polishes as featured a few posts ago, but I hadnt swatched them! 

Left to Right
1. TescoBeauty Freebie as received via their twitter/website - Envy
2. Missguided polish - Freebie with Cosmopolitan - MissBehave
3. Nails Inc New York- £3.79 from Ebay - so pleased with this, ive wanted it for AGES!
4. OPI - Purple with a Purpose
5. OPI - Elephantastic Pink.

Swatches are the reverse of the above colours!

The boy also picked me up Marie Claire with the free Ciate Paint Pot - im not sure if i'm quite brave enough to wear this pillar box red just yet!!

Which are your faves?
Do you have a developing nail polish problem like me?! Make me feel better about myself by admitting it ;)

Daisy xx

Friday, 29 October 2010

Boots Buys! Soap & Glory, Rimmel & No7

Aloha bloggers!

I popped to The Mall in bristol the other day to buy a friend a present, and ACCIDENTALLY bought myself some goodies. I seriously have no self control..

First up was these two lovelies:

Soap and Glory Hand Food - 50ml. £2.30
Rimmel Vinyl Gloss - Lovesick - £4.99

I only bought the mini Hand Food as it will fit nicely in my handbags!
The verdict - I love love love this!! It smells divine, pretty and perfumy - I think it smells like Boots! You know, where you walk into the store and are surrounded by perfume counters and so on!
My hand feel fab after this - so soft and moisturised - it feels like its a good quality hand cream, and I will definately be repurchasing this beaut!

Secondly, The gloss.

I decided that I wanted a berry-pink gloss, a change away from my usual pinky-glosses.
After looking at ALL the stands in Boots and Superdrug, this seemed the perfect match for my criteria - not too red, not too sparkly (im not 12), and affordable.

This is my new favourite gloss at the moment - a perfect darker shade for autumn :)

As I paid, I was given my very first No7 voucher! Woo!
Somehow I just dont seem to get given these (thanks come other end oup with about 10?!) So I pranced over to the swanky No7 counter and bought this little eyeshadow in the colour Mink.
 FYI im a bit obsessed with finding the perfect taupe eyeshadow, expect a few posts about this colour, ha!
Mink £7.50 (£2.50 with voucher)

I loooove it. My Barry M mushroom was a firm favourite, but a bit shimmery for day wear. This colour is perfect for me!

Cue crappy photo of my eye with me wearing it..

Thanks for reading :)

Daisy xxx

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Collection 2000 Extreme 24hr Felt Tip Liner Swatches

Afternoon Bloggers!

I just thought i'd share some swatches of some Felt Tip Liners that I have my eye on at the moment!
They are Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liners, and they come in 4 different colours..

 * Black *
* Purple *
* Teal *
* Blue *

So here are the swatches, please excuse the top swatch, as this is actually their Glam Crystals Eyeliner in Rock Chick! (Im not such a fan of this).

Top to bottom: Purple, Blue, Teal & Black.

You can see the colour payoff is not bad at all - the picture has shown the colours slightly lighter than they look on my hand at the moment - they are in fact darker in real life and are lovley colours. You can also play around with different line thicknesses which I like.

Teal is probably my fave - is so rich in colour and I thought 'wow!' as I swatched it!

They are currently on sale for £2.99 each, or 2 for £5 in Superdrug - Bargain!

I myself resisted buying them today, as I wasnt even meant to go in any shops today! I think I will be indulging in the black and teal on my weekend shopping trip however!

What do you girlies think?

Daisy xxx

Tweet tweet!

Afternoon bloggerinis! :)

I started up my twitter page not too long ago..and realised I never said anything on my blog about it!!

I'd love it if you popped along to say hellooo :)

Daisy xxx

Nails Inc Freebies with Glamour Mag ~ December Issue

Hi Ladies!

I thought i'd do a little post on the freebies included with next months issue of Glamour, in case there was anybody who did not know of this amazing offer!

You can collect 4 shades of Nails Inc nail polishes, in a selection of autumnal shades!

The shades available are:

Hampstead Heath

Jermyn Street

Savile Row

Warwick Avenue

These shades are right on trend at the moment, from dark autumnal-reddy shades, to khakis and nudes.

The Magazine is released on 4th November, so after the Benefit freebies, I guess this one will be a hit too!

Will you be indulging?
Which shades do you have your eye on?

Daisy xx

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

My new and improved skincare routine!

Hi bloggers!

Today I thought i'd share my skincare routine seeing as I finally seem to have found something that works!!
Ive suffered with bad skin since I was at secondary school, and everything Ive ever tried hasnt ever made much difference. This was until I completely changed my products that I used, and then the results started to show...

It all started with the Clinique 3 Step System trial back in the summer.
I chose the 'Oily' skin type, and got sent set 3.

Included came Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel, Liquid Facial Soap, and type 3 Clarifying Lotion.

After a bit of noseying on the Clinique website, the sets come in different strengths from what I can gather (1-4), according to your skin type. My skin isnt overly oily, or dry, (TBH I dont really know what it is, ha!). But for my spot prone skin, this has worked wonders!! The Clarifying Lotion smells quiet strong, but it does feel like its giving my skin a good old deep clean!

Using these products leaves my skin so soft, and any spots that have popped up have almost gone by the next day! They tend to be smaller and dry up super quick now. Ive been using these for 2 weeks now (I dont really know why it took me so long to start using them!!)

 I loved it so much I bought another mini set from a blog sale whilst I wait for Birthday Vouchers to buy the full size bottles (expensive much?!). The Liquid Facial Soap retails for £13, Clarifying Lotion is either £14 for 200ml or £23 for 400ml, and Moisturising Gel retails for £15 for 50ml, or £26 for £125ml.

The next item im using is Nivea Visage Daily Essentials Makeup remover.
I used to use facial wipes from Superdrug's own brand, but after using a liquid makeup remover after wipes one evening, I saw how much makeup they seemed to leave on my skin and was shocked!

The next day I popped to Tesco and picked up this chap, on offer for £1.69 :)
This is nice and gentle on my skin, and gets rid of all traces of makeup. I figured i'd get a gentle one as Clinique Clarifying Lotion is strong, and thought i'd better not totally abuse my skin!

And last but not least...

I'd done a bit of research after reading on other blogs that a lack of Zinc can cause spots, so off I trundled to Tesco (again) to buy some supplements.

All I could find was Zinc with Vitamin C so I settled for this one. Vitamin C is good for you too so figured after working with kiddies at school I could use an immune sytem boost! 2in1! I *think* it was about £3.50.

After 2 weeks, my skin is better than ever! The next week and a half will be the real test as my skin is always at its worst during the last week of me taking my Pill before the break.

Phew, what a marathon post!
Ive heard mixed things from people who've used Clinique - some people say its made their skin worse, others say its been a miracle!

What items have you found that made you go 'wow!'
And how have you got on with Clinique? Are you a lover or a hater?

Daisy xx

Monday, 11 October 2010

Teeny ASOS & Republic haul!

Hello Girlie-pops!

Just thought i'd share my purchases of last week whilst I recover from a full on day at my new job! My gawd it was busy busy! No time for a cuppa till I got home, shocking!

Anyhoo, first up, from ASOS:

OPI nail polishes - Elephantastic Pink and Purple with a Purpose.
Expect to see a nails of the weekend with these soon!

Next up, my broken Models Own Blush (sob) - this is going back.. Its such a shame as I really wanted this, and now theyre out of stock. Guess I'll buy it full price from Boots.

And last of all, from Republic was this top - £16.99 - I swear I need shares in Republic...
I also seem to have a thing about grey. It also goes nicely with my new shoes that I bought a while ago :)

(Sorry for the blatent steal of the photo, my camera is up the creek..)

Ive been quite restrained this week, as Daddio is off to Manchester next weekend, so me and Mum are tagging along so we can go shopping! Thought i'd save my pennies for then hehe!

Did anybody else indulge in these goodies too?

Daisy xxx

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Bristol Fashion Weekend Goodies

Hi Bloggers!

I got a few goodies at Bristol Fashion Weekend the other week, and thought i'd share!
You could donate £2 to Cancer Research, and in return you could get a goodie bag with free samples, full size hair products, money off vouchers, snacks and more!

The brand they were giving away was Redken - TBH I had neve heard of them but they looked salon like, and for £2, I couldnt resist!!

I had a nosey online, and these products reatil from about £8-£15 each - not bad huh!

Left - Right
Bach rescue cream, Redken Body Full instant bodifier, Blonde Glam conditioner, Tommy Guns Blueberry and Ginseing hair mask.

The Bach rescue cream is ok - nothing special in my opinion! I prefer a moisturiser that makes your skin feel silky smooth!

Redken Bodifier - I was a tad disapointed with this! As you pump out the clear liquid, it turns into  a mousse which you them apply from the roots downwards. It smells quite clean and fresh, but left my hair feeling a bit sticky and flat - not bodified at all :( 

I havent tried the conditioners yet - one reason being that ive just had my hair dyed darker, so im more brunette than blonde at the mo, and secondly, were having a bathroom amnesty at the mo! Theres way too many shampoos and conditioners on the go!! I will let you know once I do!!

Have any other bloggers heard of/used Redken products?

Thanks for reading, Daisy xx

Thursday, 7 October 2010

For Sale - Illamasqua Obey Lipstick

** Now SOLD **

Hi bloggers! I got a bit overexcited the other day and ordered this on a whim, but sadly it does not suit me AT ALL!

Its Illamasqua's lippie in Obey - a matte lipstick in a bright peachy pink (Thanks Illamasqua for that description!).

Im selling it for £4.00 if anyone is interested, with 50p postage. It has only been swatched once.

If you would like this little chap then please leave a comment!

Daisy xx

Urban Decay or Too Faced?

Ok, I want to treat myself to a new eyeshadow palette - and im in love with TWO. Now I canot justify buying both (I have an MOT to pay for next month, and they are both kind of similar). So, I have to choose one!

The contenders are:

The infamous Urban Decay Naked Pallette, and the Too Faced Naked Eye Kit.

So, up first is UD:

Price: £28.00
Shadows: 12

Pros: Wide colour range, neutral taupes, golden shades and smokey greys.
Comes with 2 liners and 1 UDPP
Handy sleek case.
Built in Mirror.

Cons: Not widely available, more expensive than Too Faced.

Second, Too Faced:

 Price: £23.00
Shadows: 9

Pros: I looove the colours!
Its cheaper!
Comes with tutorial cards and applicator.
Highly pigmented.

Cons: Chunky box (waay too much packaging)
No added extras make up wise.
Less shadows = less looks.

So.. Im still undecided. Please can you help me!! What do you think of each one?

Daisy xx


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