Sunday, 10 October 2010

Bristol Fashion Weekend Goodies

Hi Bloggers!

I got a few goodies at Bristol Fashion Weekend the other week, and thought i'd share!
You could donate £2 to Cancer Research, and in return you could get a goodie bag with free samples, full size hair products, money off vouchers, snacks and more!

The brand they were giving away was Redken - TBH I had neve heard of them but they looked salon like, and for £2, I couldnt resist!!

I had a nosey online, and these products reatil from about £8-£15 each - not bad huh!

Left - Right
Bach rescue cream, Redken Body Full instant bodifier, Blonde Glam conditioner, Tommy Guns Blueberry and Ginseing hair mask.

The Bach rescue cream is ok - nothing special in my opinion! I prefer a moisturiser that makes your skin feel silky smooth!

Redken Bodifier - I was a tad disapointed with this! As you pump out the clear liquid, it turns into  a mousse which you them apply from the roots downwards. It smells quite clean and fresh, but left my hair feeling a bit sticky and flat - not bodified at all :( 

I havent tried the conditioners yet - one reason being that ive just had my hair dyed darker, so im more brunette than blonde at the mo, and secondly, were having a bathroom amnesty at the mo! Theres way too many shampoos and conditioners on the go!! I will let you know once I do!!

Have any other bloggers heard of/used Redken products?

Thanks for reading, Daisy xx


  1. Good goodies! Was this the Gok Wan fashion show? I didn't make it to that one.

    I've been recommended Redken shampoo and conditioner for maintaining my colour, but I've not tried it yet. My hairdresser sells it, so I'll pick some up next time I get my hair chopped! x


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