Monday, 11 October 2010

Teeny ASOS & Republic haul!

Hello Girlie-pops!

Just thought i'd share my purchases of last week whilst I recover from a full on day at my new job! My gawd it was busy busy! No time for a cuppa till I got home, shocking!

Anyhoo, first up, from ASOS:

OPI nail polishes - Elephantastic Pink and Purple with a Purpose.
Expect to see a nails of the weekend with these soon!

Next up, my broken Models Own Blush (sob) - this is going back.. Its such a shame as I really wanted this, and now theyre out of stock. Guess I'll buy it full price from Boots.

And last of all, from Republic was this top - £16.99 - I swear I need shares in Republic...
I also seem to have a thing about grey. It also goes nicely with my new shoes that I bought a while ago :)

(Sorry for the blatent steal of the photo, my camera is up the creek..)

Ive been quite restrained this week, as Daddio is off to Manchester next weekend, so me and Mum are tagging along so we can go shopping! Thought i'd save my pennies for then hehe!

Did anybody else indulge in these goodies too?

Daisy xxx


  1. The OPI polishes look gorgeous.x

  2. Love the top and too bad for the blush, couldn't you just repress it? :)

  3. Love the last picture!
    Fantastic blog!
    I hope you pass to mine and follow me!
    Thanks =)

  4. those two polishes look gorgeous!
    the top is super pretty too :)

  5. Hi Daisy,
    Love your blog, I just became a follower.

    It may be too late but if you havent returned the models own blush I had a thought, Cant you get a old makeup (a pot) container and transfer the blush into it then just use it as a loose powder blush?


  6. Thanks girlies - will put some NOTD's up soon with them! I think i will actually put it in an empty pot Leanne Marie - I really like the colour so it would be a shame to go back! :) Daisy xx

    PS check out - its a fab blog and she deserves more followers!!

  7. Hi sweetie!!! Lovely blog...Awww that top is gorgeous! Hey try checking out my blog.
    And yeah I'm your 70th follower.

  8. I adore Elephantastic. It's so chic. ♥

  9. Ooooh, very nice indeed, I love the top. Oh and the Elephantastic Pink is gorgeous - perfect girly pink shade methinks :)


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