Saturday, 30 October 2010

New Nail Polish Makes Me :)

Aloha Ladies :)

I seem to have aquired a few new Nail Polishes recently, so I thought i'd share them with you!
Two are my OPI polishes as featured a few posts ago, but I hadnt swatched them! 

Left to Right
1. TescoBeauty Freebie as received via their twitter/website - Envy
2. Missguided polish - Freebie with Cosmopolitan - MissBehave
3. Nails Inc New York- £3.79 from Ebay - so pleased with this, ive wanted it for AGES!
4. OPI - Purple with a Purpose
5. OPI - Elephantastic Pink.

Swatches are the reverse of the above colours!

The boy also picked me up Marie Claire with the free Ciate Paint Pot - im not sure if i'm quite brave enough to wear this pillar box red just yet!!

Which are your faves?
Do you have a developing nail polish problem like me?! Make me feel better about myself by admitting it ;)

Daisy xx


  1. Lovely selection hun! I have New York :) I use thids for my toes. I LOVE London which they also did for the Diet Coke promo but sadly I didnt go back and get another and I kick myself all the time!!! Do you know the colour? Im on the hunt for a dupe x

  2. Nice collection! Take a look at mine on my blog. That will definitely make you feel better:) Look at my lipsticks as well. You will see that I have a major problem!

    Freya xxxo

  3. purple with a purpose looks gorgeous - i need to get my hands on some opi :)

  4. Elephantastic! Love the name! Love the product! x

  5. nailpolishes makes me happy as well, its a shame i cant wear any at my job..still i love it! that light pink is precious xx

  6. Wow! such a nice collection you have got! The OPI Elephantastic Pink looks gorgeous! love these! :) I am following you now. Hope you stop by and visit my blog too ^_^
    Have a nice day!

  7. I managed to get one of the Ciate nail polishes, i think the colour was a bit darker than that. It was gorgeous! Such a wintery colour! These all look lovely! x


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