Tuesday, 31 May 2011

London & Blogsale Bargains

Hi Ladies,

 As I mentioned recently I went to London to visit a friend and bought some treats from Oxford Street, naughty me!

I bought this basic top from Newlook, I liked the twisted straps and the racerback style.
£6.99. Comes in white, blue, turqouise and pink.

I also forgot my sunnies (fail) so found this pair in H&M for a mere £3.99! They were literally the last pair in there!

I also treated myself to these two tops from a blogsale:
Miss Selfridge pink top with sequin detail - I love this one! I think it was £4.

And this Newlook one which I had been eyeing up when it was last in store for about £4 as well:

Im rather pleased with my bargains, all for under £7!

In other news, I added a Blog list with some of my favourite blogs, take a look to see if yours is there!
Hope you all enjoyed your bank holiday! x

Monday, 30 May 2011

Lush goodies!

Aloha ladies!
In London a couple of weeks ago I spent my Lush voucher on a few little goodies which I thought i'd share!

Joy of Jelly Shower Jelly, £3.35

Being a shower person, I had to pick this up as it smelt so good! With secnts of jasmine, ylang and musk, I can smell it on my skin hours later! It also lasts FOREVER! What a bargain!

Buffy Body Butter exfoliating scrub £5.25
The sales assistant convinced me to buy this one as it *apparently* help with wobbly bits! I also liked the fact it exfoliates and contains Cocoa and Shea Butter. 

Vanilla Fountain Bath Ballastic, £3.05
I loooove anything vanilla or coconut, so this was a must for me - I need to start having more baths as Ive got 3 1/2 bath ballistics to use up now hehe!

I dont tend to browse Lush that often as there isnt one nearby, but im pleased with my purchases and shall definately be going back for more! Has anyone else tried these products?


Sunday, 29 May 2011

Back in blog~land :)

Hi ladies, long time no speak!

I have technically blogged with pictures i'd had for a while, but not properly since I moved out. With this weekend being the start of half term and the boy visiting a friend, I decided to take some photos ready to blog away again, so I have some new posts coming up!

I thought id share a couple photos of my own as I know this isnt the most personal blog, and thought a bit of a 'me' post would make a change. Here's what ive been up to..

~ Moving into our house. 5 months, ALOT of decorating & renovating, but were in!

~ Visiting London - My parents went to a charity ball in London so I tagged along to stay with a friend. This was the view from their room! We went on the London Eye (thanks Dad :) ), shop shop shopped then went for fajitas and cocktails at Picadilli's TGIs, yum! I was very good and resisted temptation in MAC on Carnaby street though!

~ The new addition. We adopted a kitten (he's 5 months) and he's lush! He's very friendly and playful, but very well behaved! He favourite thing to do is play with wrappers! He carries them around and goes mental!

Were also having a housewarming next weekend so that should be fun! Fingers crossed the summer makes an appearance soon! Thanks for reading, and for the new followers who've stuck with me in my absence!


Monday, 23 May 2011

Sephora e/s for sale!

Im looking for £2.50 for this Sephora e/s in Babydoll Nightie - a taupe brown with a shimmer/glitter finish, swatched once and used once with a clean brush. Comment below if you are interested, or make me an offer?! xx

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Peachy Keen

Evening ladies!

Just a little post about my latest lipstick purchase, Revlon Colourburst Lipstick in Peach.
I first saw this in Sophia's post and had to have a nosey in Superdrug, and ended up making a sneaky purchase!

This lipstick is fab in my opinion! Its long lasting and moisturising, and a step away from the usual pinks I normally wear!

Here's a light swatch in different lights:

It retails for £7.99 and i'm keen to try out some of the other shades as I was so impressed! Has anyone else tried this? What were your thoughts?


Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Polka Dot Nail Art!

Hello bloggers! Long time no speak?! Im all moved in now and back to blogging, woo! Its been 5 long months but were finally renovated and decorated out!

The other week I thought i'd have a little attempt at nail art, inspired by a look i'd seen on Leannes blog, Do Not Refreeze. I used a dark base colour, OPI's My Private Jet, with a mixture of pastel/brights dotted across one corner.


Please excuse the smudges and the remains of my living room paint on my hands, I hadnt tidied my nails up at this point! I used a hair grip to do the dots with, which worked really well, you just need to be careful not to pick up too much polish on the end.

The polishes I used for the dots were: Natural Collection - Topaz, ELF Mint, George Lavendar Fantasy, OPI Elephantastic Pink, Nails Inc Heather Grey & Missguided Missbehave.

What do you think?  xx


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