Sunday, 29 May 2011

Back in blog~land :)

Hi ladies, long time no speak!

I have technically blogged with pictures i'd had for a while, but not properly since I moved out. With this weekend being the start of half term and the boy visiting a friend, I decided to take some photos ready to blog away again, so I have some new posts coming up!

I thought id share a couple photos of my own as I know this isnt the most personal blog, and thought a bit of a 'me' post would make a change. Here's what ive been up to..

~ Moving into our house. 5 months, ALOT of decorating & renovating, but were in!

~ Visiting London - My parents went to a charity ball in London so I tagged along to stay with a friend. This was the view from their room! We went on the London Eye (thanks Dad :) ), shop shop shopped then went for fajitas and cocktails at Picadilli's TGIs, yum! I was very good and resisted temptation in MAC on Carnaby street though!

~ The new addition. We adopted a kitten (he's 5 months) and he's lush! He's very friendly and playful, but very well behaved! He favourite thing to do is play with wrappers! He carries them around and goes mental!

Were also having a housewarming next weekend so that should be fun! Fingers crossed the summer makes an appearance soon! Thanks for reading, and for the new followers who've stuck with me in my absence!



  1. Welcome back! I'm looking forward to your new posts :) xo

  2. Glad you have got settled in your new abode!! Your kitty is gorgeous! We have 3 cats, they are real characters ;) x

  3. Aw lovely to see a more personal post from you. Congrats once again on your new home. Hope all is going well with the decorating, we've just done our kitchen and although it looks great now, i think ive had enough of painting to last me a lifetime!

    Laura xoxo


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