Monday, 30 May 2011

Lush goodies!

Aloha ladies!
In London a couple of weeks ago I spent my Lush voucher on a few little goodies which I thought i'd share!

Joy of Jelly Shower Jelly, £3.35

Being a shower person, I had to pick this up as it smelt so good! With secnts of jasmine, ylang and musk, I can smell it on my skin hours later! It also lasts FOREVER! What a bargain!

Buffy Body Butter exfoliating scrub £5.25
The sales assistant convinced me to buy this one as it *apparently* help with wobbly bits! I also liked the fact it exfoliates and contains Cocoa and Shea Butter. 

Vanilla Fountain Bath Ballastic, £3.05
I loooove anything vanilla or coconut, so this was a must for me - I need to start having more baths as Ive got 3 1/2 bath ballistics to use up now hehe!

I dont tend to browse Lush that often as there isnt one nearby, but im pleased with my purchases and shall definately be going back for more! Has anyone else tried these products?



  1. i've been wanting the shower jelly for ages now, and now i MUST get one if they really do last for ages! thanks!
    great post xoxo

  2. These look absolutely gorgeous, almost too good to use (: LUSH is great for gifts, and luxurious treats for ones self - great article, I'm very envious Xx

  3. Anything vanilla in lush is amazing. x hivenn


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