Tuesday, 27 July 2010

* Summer Holiday Time! *

Im going on holiday! Yay!

Im off for a whole month with the fiance and family to California! Woop! But sadly i'll miss reading all your lovely blogs - I will be SO behind when I get back!!

Big Sis (As previously mentioned in blog posts) lives in Folsom, CA, and were going back to visit! My family are going home after 2 weeks, and we're staying a bit longer!

Here are some of the places i'll be going!

Hollywood, Malibu Beach!

Las Vegas, THE most amazing place in the world (we went last year too!)

Disneyland California!

San Francisco :)

Clothes wise, my fave shops that I will be visiting are:

Im also hoping to purchase something from a little store you might have heard of..

I want some lippies, and mineral blushes/bronzers! Ive got to spend my hard earned spending monies on something other than clothes!!

Im also interested to find Sephora and NYX (I think?) - as ive seen plenty of bloggers raving about these brands!

Hopefully i'll manage to get some reading in while im away! Anyhoo, enough from me! Hope you all have a fab summer. I guarantee that as soon as I leave the UK will have a heatwave, so you should all be sorted for August ;)

See you soon, Daisy xx

Monday, 26 July 2010

Monday Purchases

Monday Purchases :)

I popped into town today to get a few last minute things today,and I thought i'd share them!

Sure Deodorant - I always use this brand/style - £1.69

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick - £5.99

Superdrug sprays - £1.50 for two - I love thes smell of these, so summery and fresh!

The Lippie!

I have been looking for a nice pink for a while, and this fits the bill nicely!
I bought shade 200 - Latino.

Look how pretty and pink it is!

Swatchy swatchy...

What Rimmel Say:

"Smoother Lips, Better Colour, This moisture-infused lip essential reduces lip dryness by up to 65% for smoother lips and a better colour. Developed with SPF 18 and a cutting edge Self Adapting Moisture Complex that features Hylaronic Acid, Collagen and Vitamins A, C and E to nourish lips, leaving them with a smoother surface for better colour application  and wear. 24 creamy moisturizing shades come richly wrapped in an elegant metallic purple case"

Now, I can honestly say I only bought this for the colour, not for the fact that it is moisturising! Some reviews have said that the colour doesnt last too long, so I guess i'll have to see how I get on!

The colour goes on easily,and feels nice and smooth on the lips. It is very nicely pigmented, and this shade can definately be seen on! With the SPF, its fab for those summer months!

The full range can be seen here.

Ooh, and I also bought these in the NewLook sale!

I'd had my eye on the necklace and bracelet for a while, and being in the sale, how could I say no! (Both were originally £5 each). And how cute are those over the knee socks?! These are going in my sock drawer ready for the winter!

Thanks for reading,
Daisy xx

Sunday, 25 July 2010

* Prestige Skin Loving Minerals *

Hi bloggers!

I did promise myself I wasnt going to buy myself anything new make-up wise until I go to America (3 more sleeps to go!!). however, my big sis, who lives there, emailed me asking for a Max Factor Pan Stick Foundation. So...I had to go to the huuge Boots in the next town to get it, and I ended up picking up these two little treats :)

Prestige Kabuki Bronzer Brush - £3.99
Prestige Sunbaked Mineral Bronzing Powder - £7.99.

Both of these products had £1 off the normal price :)

I bought shade 03 - Pure Shimmer.

Kabuki Brush

What Prestige say about their brush:

"Crafted from the finest high quality "first-cut" natural hair. Professionally designed to release powder evenly and effortlessly with flawless results."

What I think:

Its nice and lightweight and compact - ideal for little makeup bags! The hairs are quite soft, although not as soft as I had hoped. Not a bad little brush for £3.99, although dont expect too much, as there are better brushes around. this one does the job for me though :)

 The Bronzing Powder

This product comes in three shades - Rich Bronze, Glam Tan, and the above, Pure Shimmer.

I went for the lightest, as im fairly fair skinned, and ive been on the hunt for the perfect hightlighter since my Revlon Skinlights Highlighter is slowly running out :(

From the above swatches, you can see it gives a natural and subtle shimmer - perfect! Id give it a 9/10!

I also thought id show you the foundation I got for my sis - Max Factor Pan Stick Foundation - Shade 13, Noveau Beige - they were £6.49 each (I got her two). I had never seen foundation in this form before!

You get alot of product - 9g. It seems pretty good, and I think i'd give this a try myself! There is a little turny thing (?!) at the bottom which you use to push up the product. I havent swatched it for obvious reasons - I dont think Big Sis would appreciate it haha!

Sorry for the long post! Hope you got this far! I'd better get a start on my packing!!
Has anybody else tried this range? I'd love to hear thoughts!

Daisy :) x

Friday, 23 July 2010

* NOTW! * George Lavender fantasy

Nails of the Weekend!

George at Asda - Lavender Fantasy (Number 20)

I bought my first George nail varnish this week! After seeing mixed reviews, I decided i'd give one a go, and im pleasantly surprised!

The colour goes on well and in the picture im wearing two coats and a top coat - it probably needs three but I couldnt be bothered, hehe! The colour is slightly darker in real life, less pastellt and more purpley if you see what I mean! Now I wish i'd got more, but the boy was getting fed up so I just ended up getting the one!

The price on the shelf was £1.50, but went through at £1 - odd?! Overall, not bad for £1!

Hope you likey!

Daisy xx

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Another Haul, & My First Lipstick!!

Hello Bloggers!

Ive been naughty and bought even MORE delights this week, and as the title suggests.... *my first lipstick!*

This may not seem as exciting to you as it does for me, but ive always been a lipgloss girl, and always thought of lipstick as a 'mum' thing (my mum always wore dark colours, so I kinda associated them with that really).

BUT, after seeing the blogging communities posts on lipstick, I took the plunge! Anyhoo, onto the loot...


Rimmel Colour Show Off Lipstick - £5.99 - 010 Pink Excess

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder - £3.99 - 003 Peach Glow

Superdrug Nourishing Nail Polish Remover Pads - £1.39 (For holiday!)

Rimmel Lasting Finish Nail Varnish - £2.99 - 239 Your Majesty

2True False Eyelashes - £1.95 - These are my first ever false eyelashes - I figured for £1.95 they would be ok for an experiment!

The lippie is very pigmented, with a touch of shimmer to it - perfect for a night out! The pink shinyness appealed to me I think! I really wanted a MUA Lippie, but our Superdrug doesnt stock it...grr! The Ultimate Dream is obs MAC - maybe i'll have a lookie in America to see if its cheaper!!

The Nail Varnish isnt quite as dark as I'd hoped (I wanted a darker grey to match my maxi dress), but is still a nice shade. It shall feature in a NOTW post soon I feel!

The nail varnish im sporting in the swatch pic is last weeks 17 freebie - Lasting Fix Nailpolish in Pink Grapefruit!

I also picked up these lovelies from Newlook:

Black Corsage Top, £6
Pastel Flower Hairslides £3
(These are such a bargain!! Accessorize's are twice the price! They also do them in darker colours if you are interested!)

Anyways, I hope you likey!

Daisy xx

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Free to a good home :) BarryM Dazzle Dust - Dark Chocolate

BarryM Dazzle Dust

Dark Chocolate - 97

Hey bloggers, just a little post about this Dazzle Dust I recently bought!

Sinead at Dainty*Dollymix had a blog sale, and I happily snapped up all 5 Dazzle Dusts on offer!

Unfortunately this isnt really my colour, so instead of it hanging around my makeup collection, I thought i'd see if anyone else would like it?!

* Please note - This product has been used. I bought it originally as being used 3-4 times, and I dipped a clean brush in it today to test it.*

If you fancy it, then pop a comment on the bottom of this post - if theres more than one person, I shall pick a name out of a hat!

Please give BarryM a nice new home where he can be loved :)

Monday, 12 July 2010

* This Weeks Make Up Buys!

Hi bloggers! Hope you all had a fab weekend!
 Just thought id share this weeks make up buys with you!

17 Sheer Moisture Foundation - Light - £4.99

This is said to give you a sheer, light and natural looking cover - I wanted something light as we'll be pretty busy on holiday and I dont want something to thick. My Clinique is also a tad light for me now I have a tan, so I needed something a bit more matchy-matchy!

Maximum Volume Mascara in black - £4.99 ish I believe!

Im not sure why I have a new found liking for 17 Makeup - Maybe because in our town we only have a teeny Boots and Superdrug, and the 17 counter is by far the biggest!!

And because I spent over £6 I got this little freebie (who cant resist free makeup?!)

Included came:

* Lasting Finish Nail Polish in Pink Grapefruit (8ml)
* Ultimate Volume Lipgloss - Pink Ice (6ml - full size is 8ml, so not a bad mini!)
* Waterproof Mascara - (a perfect size for me, as i'll only use it when i'm in the pool/rafting/at the water parks etc!) 

I also picked up this Collection 2000 Colour Intesnse Trio - Steel Ice (2.99) - to try and create smokey eyes!

BarryM Dazzle Dust in Mushroom - Ive had my eye on this for ages!

Ive also just purchased 5 Dazzledusts from DaintyDollymix's Blog Sale - I shall do a little review of the colous when I recieve them!

Thanks for reading,

Daisy xx

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

* Jemma Kidd Make Up School Lipglosses

Jemma Kidd Make Up School

Hi-Shine Silktouch Lipglosses

Hey there bloggers, I thought i'd pop online and do a little post about my new favourite freebies! Free with Junes Red Magazine, came a selection of Jemma Kidd lipglosses. There were 3 to choose from, and me being me (who loves pinks) chose these two lovelies:

The darkest  pink is shade 06, 'Candy' and the nude pink is shade 04, 'shell'
Swatches belooooow

They retail at £14.00 each, so not bad for a freebie, huh! Although, I did have to got to three shops just to get them. Although this was last month, I did see some lurking in my local Tesco last week, so there are some still around.

They have a nice sugary sweet smell to them, and last for a good while on the lips. The nude pink , Shell, is good for that 'barely there' colour, or to go over light, nude lippies. Coral is my fave, its such a nice colour - I really want a lippie in this colour, I need to go shopping!! The applicators have a tapered end, perfect for applying.

As far as im aware, its available on the ASOS website (unsure where else though!). You can see the range here.

I like the look of their concealer duo - its such a good idea for matching skin tones, and also for when you get a tan!!

Anyhoo, thats enough from me! I'd also like to say thankyou to my new followers :) :)

Thanks for reading, Daisy xx

* My first NOTW! (Nails of the Weekend!)

~ Nails of the Weekend! ~

Hey girlies, this is my first ever 'Nails of the...' post! Woop!
I have named mine 'Nails of the Weekend' as I cant wear nail varnish to work, so this is usually the first thing I do on a Friday evening when I get home! :)

This weekends choice was Rimmel London 60 seconds in Coralicious (number 403)

It says "One coat nail polish. 1 stroke Xpress Brush for 1 second easy application"

Well Rimmel, I wouldnt say its quite that simple - mine is 2 coats plus a top coat, and it took a little longer than 60 seconds to fully dry, but hey, its pretty darn good!

It a fab, eye catching, summery colour - it was a bit brighter than my usual colours, but I soon grew to love it!

My cat was asleep on me when I took the pic, so here she is modelling it for me!

Shes such a softy! She loves sleeping on her back!!

Thanks for reading, Daisy xx

Sunday, 4 July 2010

* Dresses Dresses Dresses! *

Hello hello Bloggers! and hello to my new followers also, thankyou sooo much for clicking that follow button :) :)

I have been  abit naughty recently, in the space of a week ive bought FOUR dresses.

Neccessary: Probably not..
Prettyful: Definately!

I bought my first Maxi dress and I truely heart it! Its for a friends wedding in a couple of weeks!

Republic - Miso Maxi Bouquet Dress - £26.99 (bargain!)

Also from Republic I bought these two summer dresses for my Holibob in California soon :) :

Left: Soul Cal Stripe Floral Dress - £19.99
Right: Miso Dress - Sale - £10.

The stripy dress has a lovely thick cotton feel to it. The One on the right has very small black and white checks, and the straps go through to he back where it ties up through a criss cross. The front has small hook and eye pins too. Lovely!

And finally dress number 4 from New Look:

Crochet Sundress - £8 (Normally £10, but Newlook has a 20% off summer clothes at the mo!)

This also comes in white, pink, and blue, as well as a blue and white flowery version which I nearly bought!

Hope you likey, I certainly do, and wait to put them in my little huge suitcase at the end of the month!

Thanks for reading, Daisy x

Saturday, 3 July 2010

* 17 goodies! *

So, the other day, whilst having my heart set on the three most recent Revlon Super Lustrous lipgloss shades, I pootled on down to the shops, but alas, NO glosses in ANY of the colours I wanted - boooo....

So, I had to buy SOMEthing, hey! SO I decided on these goodies (plus they were 3 for 2 so how could I say no!) -

Top -Endless Shine Gloss in Dolly Bird £3.49
Bottom -Ultimate Volume Gloss in Peach Melba £3.49

I also chose this eyeshadow Trio "In the nude". £4.99

Swatchy Swatchy..

What do I think....

Peach Melba Ultimate Volume - I luuuurve this colour - so summery, and Im loving coral colours right now! It has a nice consistency, and the colour is fab! Definately a summer fave of mine!

Dolly Bird Endless Shine - Hmm..bought for the sake it it comes to mind. It is in teeny packaging (although handy for diddy handbags), and it smells and tastes plasticy. The tube is squishy, so you squeeze the gloss out -maybe the plastic they used wasnt thought through - the smell puts me off every time.The colour comes out ok on a swatch,but not so much on the lips. Its just a bit of a sticky goo. Sad times - maybe il grow to like it?!

Eyeshadow trio - I wanted something neutral for day wear, and this is fab! Its not glittery, and can be used to create subtle eyes. You do however need to be prepared to build the colour.

Hope you likey! Daisy x

* Prettyful Jewellery Buys!

Aloha Bloggeroos!

I have been naughty and bought some jewellery over the past coupla' weeks, oopsie!! I should be saving for my holiday in July (Im off to sunny California for a month with the Boy! More on this another time!!)

Ahh, here they are! Does jewellery make anybody else just smile?!

Beaded bracelet - Asda £6
Yellow flower ring - Miss Selfridge £2 (fab sale!)
Purple earrings - Asda £3
Gold & beaded earrings - Accessorize £6 (I think!)

Soon after,I popped into Next - I never go in here, but the Fiance wanted a mooch, and I ended up with these beauts:

Silver beaded shell bracelet: £5.99

Gold and coral earrings: £4.99

Coming up soon will be a 'Jewellery Storage' Post - I am half organised, half chaotic if this makes sense!!

Thanks for reading, Daisy xx


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