Sunday, 4 July 2010

* Dresses Dresses Dresses! *

Hello hello Bloggers! and hello to my new followers also, thankyou sooo much for clicking that follow button :) :)

I have been  abit naughty recently, in the space of a week ive bought FOUR dresses.

Neccessary: Probably not..
Prettyful: Definately!

I bought my first Maxi dress and I truely heart it! Its for a friends wedding in a couple of weeks!

Republic - Miso Maxi Bouquet Dress - £26.99 (bargain!)

Also from Republic I bought these two summer dresses for my Holibob in California soon :) :

Left: Soul Cal Stripe Floral Dress - £19.99
Right: Miso Dress - Sale - £10.

The stripy dress has a lovely thick cotton feel to it. The One on the right has very small black and white checks, and the straps go through to he back where it ties up through a criss cross. The front has small hook and eye pins too. Lovely!

And finally dress number 4 from New Look:

Crochet Sundress - £8 (Normally £10, but Newlook has a 20% off summer clothes at the mo!)

This also comes in white, pink, and blue, as well as a blue and white flowery version which I nearly bought!

Hope you likey, I certainly do, and wait to put them in my little huge suitcase at the end of the month!

Thanks for reading, Daisy x


  1. wow, love the maxi dress!

  2. all these dresses are lush x my friend recentoly wore the top dress the maxi to our leavers ball , its stunning on x will have to see your picys after the wedding! :)
    sophie-lou x

  3. we must have the same taste as i nearly bought 3 out of those 4 dress in manchester on sunday!!! haha. i'm going back for the miso maxi tomorrow and may take a look what short sundresses they have.

    sofia x

  4. The Maxi is so popular - i'm hoping nobody else has it at the wedding!! Republics dress collection is fab at the moment! Thanks for commenting ladies! :) x


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