Tuesday, 27 July 2010

* Summer Holiday Time! *

Im going on holiday! Yay!

Im off for a whole month with the fiance and family to California! Woop! But sadly i'll miss reading all your lovely blogs - I will be SO behind when I get back!!

Big Sis (As previously mentioned in blog posts) lives in Folsom, CA, and were going back to visit! My family are going home after 2 weeks, and we're staying a bit longer!

Here are some of the places i'll be going!

Hollywood, Malibu Beach!

Las Vegas, THE most amazing place in the world (we went last year too!)

Disneyland California!

San Francisco :)

Clothes wise, my fave shops that I will be visiting are:

Im also hoping to purchase something from a little store you might have heard of..

I want some lippies, and mineral blushes/bronzers! Ive got to spend my hard earned spending monies on something other than clothes!!

Im also interested to find Sephora and NYX (I think?) - as ive seen plenty of bloggers raving about these brands!

Hopefully i'll manage to get some reading in while im away! Anyhoo, enough from me! Hope you all have a fab summer. I guarantee that as soon as I leave the UK will have a heatwave, so you should all be sorted for August ;)

See you soon, Daisy xx


  1. have fun!!


  2. Hope you have a good time! :)

  3. wow what an amazing holiday! have fun :)
    cant wait to see your holiday purchases xx

  4. Hope you have an amazing time!

  5. hey daisy ..someones been tagged :) hope you like x
    sophie-lou x


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