Sunday, 27 February 2011

New storage!

Hi girls!

I know im a little late on the band wagon here, but I finally treated myself to the infamous WH Smith storage box! It was only £9.99 and I wanted some new storage for my makeup for when I move out.
Currently I dont have room for one of these in my room, So it is sitting in our spare room along with the microwave, vaccum cleaner, and the million other things waiting to move into the new house when its ready!

Im hoping we will have £100 left at the end of our budget to buy a dressing table, so it can sit nicely upon the top! Ive spied one in Ikea with an inbuilt mirror and it looks perfect for our new room! 

I shall be sure to do a post when its 'up and running' and full of makeup hehe!

Daisy xx

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Until the summer comes..

Aloha Bloggers!

I dont tend to often share my clothes on my blog, but Im loving my newest addition to my coat family, that I thought i'd see how it went down!

I saw the Military Ladder Coat sitting all alone amongst the sale items in our (tiny) local NewLook. I had been pondering over a new coat, and this one looked just perfect! It was exactly the right size, and reduced from £45 to just £25 - how could I say no!

It is a perfect length - I dont like short coats for winter as I feel the cold so much! It also has the added bonus of a hood - wonderful for those rainy moments when you are caught without an umbrella!

I apologise for the awful photo's but I thought i'd give it a go!
What do you think?

Daisy xx

Friday, 25 February 2011

* Charmed *

Hi ladies, Im going to do a few Primark related posts, but thought this one deserved its own post! I found this beautiful necklace adoring the shelves of Primark this week, and fell in love - this style of neckwear is right up my street!

The individual, girlie charms are so sweet - it looks like something from Accessorize! But best of all, its only £3! Bargain, non?! I got a bit carried away with the photo's, but its so pretty! Enjoy!

Monday, 14 February 2011

~* Mavala All That Glitters *~

Evening ladies!

Im managing to sqeeze in a blog post at long last! Yay! Ive literally had no time to think about blogging properly with work and the new house - hopefully with me being off work next week (gosh I love half term!!) I should be able to get a few more posts written!

A couple of weeks ago (pre-house, where I actually had time to shop!!), I popped into a Lloyds pharmacy as the parents went into Clarks (yawn). We dont have one particularly nearby to us, so I was interested to see what they sold.

Nestling in to corner of the shop was a Mavala stand - much to my delight! I had seen these polishes popping up over blogs for a while and was happy to finally find some! PLUS they had a huge selection of gift sets on sale - whoohoo!

I chose this little set, as im a sucker for anything purple and glittery! It was a bargain at just £3.95!

 Incuded is the purple shade in Mexico, and a lilac glitter shade called Violet Diamond.

I did some quick swatches of the colours - apologies for the awful state of my nails!

The purple is a nice dark, plummy purple and applies relatively easily, although first impressions didnt impress me as much as my OPI's or Nails Incs have done. The glitter is probably my favourite of the two - it will need a good few coats to get it as thick and as glitter-tastic as I like it I expect! This picture was with 3 quick coats.

These are also handy mini-sized bottles, coming in a  5ml bottle. These are my first 'mini' sized polishes so it will be interesting to see how long they last!

Has anyone else tried Mavala - what are your thoughts? 

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Lipice Giveaway Winners!

Hi Ladies!

Sorry for being a bad blogger recently - ive just bought my first house with the boy, and were pretty much renovating the whole thing, leaving little time for blogging!

Anyhoo, onto the good stuff - the prizes & winners!

There were 29 valid entries, and I used to generate the winning numbers.

1st place!

The winner is *MakeYuUp*! You can see her blog here!

And in second place:

Ms.Wedgie at Vaguely in Vogue!

Well done ladies! I will be sending out emails for adresses shortly. Thankyou to all who entered - keep your eyes peeled for my next giveaway, which shoukd appear in a couple of weeks!

Daisy xxx


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