Saturday, 26 February 2011

Until the summer comes..

Aloha Bloggers!

I dont tend to often share my clothes on my blog, but Im loving my newest addition to my coat family, that I thought i'd see how it went down!

I saw the Military Ladder Coat sitting all alone amongst the sale items in our (tiny) local NewLook. I had been pondering over a new coat, and this one looked just perfect! It was exactly the right size, and reduced from £45 to just £25 - how could I say no!

It is a perfect length - I dont like short coats for winter as I feel the cold so much! It also has the added bonus of a hood - wonderful for those rainy moments when you are caught without an umbrella!

I apologise for the awful photo's but I thought i'd give it a go!
What do you think?

Daisy xx


  1. This is gorgeous, i love it! £25.. bargain! x

  2. I have this in the red except the buttons on that are black rather than gold sadly. I bought mine when it first came out but there was a promotion on to get £10 and I also got student discount so mine too was a bargain!

  3. wow i love this coat might get myself one :) x hopefully it wil be in stock x

  4. I love this coat! I usually only wear navys, whites or browns in my coats like this one because they go with everything!
    That’s So Fletch
    xo, Jay

  5. I'm so in need of a new coat but they're either too big, thick and warm to wear for spring or not warm enough!

    I've just started a new fashion blog -

    I'd love it if you could follow back :)


  6. @ Christina Marie - It certainly was a bagain, luckily I didnt see it when it was full price or I would have been annoyed!

    @ Science Geek - Ooh a red one with black buttons sounds lovely!

    @Sophie-Lou Ooh I hope it comes back in stock for you!

    @ Jay - I tend to just stick with neutrals too, but this is my first nay caot & I love it!

    @EMY luckily this isnt too thick, so its easily wearable for the spring! I'll certainly have a look at your blog too x


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