Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Im hooome! My USA Makeup Purchases!

Hello Bloggers! After what seems like a lifetime, i'm back! I had THE best holiday - 4 weeks in California if you didnt know! Every day was well over 30 degrees, and the sun shone every single day, English weather sucks!!
I just thought I would share some of my holiday purchases with you! This will be part 1 - The Makeup. I didnt buy masses, mainly because we were doing so much! (And I spent a little TOO much in Abercrombie, whoopsie!)

***Edit - this posted with only half of my pictures etc, so everything after the bronzer has been re-added!**

Whilst perusing the touristy spots in LA, I came acropss a little store - Sephora!! And Wowee - it was fab! So much amazing makeup, counter after counter, bright and sparkling, pretty much a bloggers dream! I visited the one in Hollywood and made a teensy purcahse. Unfortunately I couldnt stay too long as the fam were waiting for me, hehe!

I indulged in this little gem - shade 'Babydoll Nightie' - Number 59. $12.
Its a lovely taupe colour, with some sparkle! I wanted this to wear for a night out - and I think I made the right vhoice - its a tad sparkly for your every day wear!

Next, in Santa Monica (LA).... I found...


I think its safe to say I am now in love with this store..... *sigh*.

The sleek store style, the beautiful colours, and the tempting array of products displayed so nicely..
I indulged in three little beauties....

Bronzing Powder in Golden (I think this was $17, although I truely cannot remember! I didnt even ask the price, I just bought it!)

This is the bronzer in sunlight - its a lovely golden colour which suits my light skintone perfectly!

And secondly, I bought my first two MAC lippies :)
I love them! Haha! I think they were $14.50.

I bought two frost shades - Bombshell, and Angel.

Left - Angel
Right - Bombshell

I have switched the order in the pic above -whoops! So Left is Bombshell and Right is Angel.


Bombshell is a lovely 'lip colour' pink which tiny accents of gold - its perfect for a night out!
Angel is a lovely light pink - ive been searching for the perfect shade of light pink, as im not daring enough to go as nude as Gosh Darling etc.

They apply smoothly, leaving your lips feeling soft and moisturised. I also love their sweet smell.
I think this is the start of my MAC love affair!

I also picked up my trusty foundation - Clinique Superbalanced Foundation, in Ivory.
I keep goping back to this one - it gives just the right amount of coverage, and feels so light and sliky to apply!

I hope you enjoyed my purchases as much as I did, haha! I will do another post on my clothes soon!


  1. hey daisy :) great post cant wait to see what else you baught , its great to hear you had a good holiday :) x
    Sophie-lou x

  2. Eek! I've never bought anything MAC but now I really want those lippies! Love your blog btw, and that pic above is really cute!

    Style by Sophia


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