Thursday, 2 September 2010

New Shoesies!

Meet the new additions to my footwear collection :)

They are the 'Cutout Ribbon Heel' from Newlook, arent they pretty!?

They are priced at a very reasonable £22.99, and I believe they also come in a nudey-pink colour!

I love the delicate ribbon lace up, which is a bonus, as it keeps clumsy heel wearers and odd shaped foot owners (ie me) in them! I feel nice and secure in these! They are a little higher than the heels I usually go for (being 5'7 and a half, I am quite tall with heels, and the fiance isnt keen when im taller than his 6'2, hehe!) But I am determined to make sure I can walk in them!!

I think its nice to make a change from black also, but this shade can get away with many outfits and colours!

Now...I just need an excuse to wear them!!

Daisy xx :)


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