Saturday, 18 September 2010

Unloved makeup items & rubbish buys - what do you do?

Hi bloggers! Before I start, I just want to thank my new followers for, well, following me, I really appreciate it!!

Whilst having a mooch through my makeup when tidying up my room, I came across a few unloved, unused items that rarely see the light of day when it comes to my makeup time.

Now, some things are old, and the hoarder in me cant bare to throw them away. This is probably because I know at one time, I used to like them very much! (Until I get brutal and just chuck it!) But, on the other hand, some items are newish and not used so much!

A couple of examples of products I have like this are these:

Left - 17 Trio In the Nude
Right - 17 Sheer Moisture Foundation in Light.

Now these items were only £4.99 each, so not at all expensive, yet I still feel the need to keep them despite not using them and disliking them!

The eyeshadow - the colours look lovely, but are not particularly pigmented. I feel that they dont look very good when I use them on my eyes, and you can barely see any colour, hence why they have been relegated to the back of the pile.

The foundation - I hate the way this feels on my skin - it makes me feel kind of oily (its hard to describe) and after a few hours my face looks shiny - my clinique has never done this! The upside is that it has SPF 12 in it, so I did mix it with my Clinique for 2 reasons - to make my Clinique last longer, and to add a little handy SPF! But to use on its own - no no.

I have other random buys, and odd toiletries from crapola gift sets that you accumulate..the list goes on.

So, what do you do with your unwanted/crap makeup?!

Is it destined for the bin, do others want it, what if you spent a fortune?

I'd love to hear thoughts!
Thanks for reading, Daisy xxx


  1. I usually just offload mine onto my mum or sister....then they can keep them or bin them if they don't want them.
    I hate binning stuff too! :/

    Natalie x

  2. I give mine to my mum or my friends if I've barely used the products. I hate throwing things away but I now that I have Mac eyeshadows I find that my drugstore ones just do not compare and get completely neglected! x

  3. I also give mine to my mum or sister. I've recently bought a few things I regret buying. Although they were only £1-2 each I still feel bad haha, and I can never bin them x

  4. I've just found your blog, and I think it's fab! I'm currently on a mission to use up my stocks of unloved and unwanted cosmetics and toiletries. I have so many from Christmas gift sets etc, and stocks I've bought on bogofs and other offers. I'm desperate to get them used up so I can buy new bits (and to make space and save money)! xx

  5. I have a foundation from No17 that I love and one that I hate haha

  6. I normally ask a friend if they want it, if not I just bin it. If it is something that it would be unhygienic, I'd bin it without asking anyone if they want it..

    Confessions of a Beautyholic

  7. yeah me too I normally pass it on to a friend or family member :) x


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