Thursday, 9 September 2010

George Nail polishes & Accessorize Goodies!

Hi Bloggers!

I just thought i'd share my new Nail Polishes! As im sure you're all aware, Asda have a nice little collection of nail polishes for just £1.50. I'd been eyeing up some Nude shades recently, and needed some purple to go with a dress I have, so I came away with these four:

Left - Right
Hoax, Mysterious, Mocca Ice, Warrior

Hoax has blue/red underones, whereas Myterious has a silvery finish to it.
Mocca Ice is a pale, silvery-champagne - it will need a few coats to give a good finish, but its a lovely alternative to silver! Warrior is much more coppery in colour!
Tip - you need a good top coat to stop chipping with these!

I also popped into Accessorize and got this Silver bag (with handy hidden strap!) for £16. I have a lovely bag which I try and use at the moment for weddings, but its just too small, I cant fit more than 3 things in it!!

I also picked up this cute
 little car air freshener for £2 - Couldnt resist!

Does anyone have any recommended colours from the Asda range? Or any other supermarkets in fact?

Thanks for Reading!

Daisy :) xx


  1. I have Mocca Ice and Warrior too, they're beautiful, and so is that bag! :)

  2. Love the air freshener! I'm really into cupcake things at the minute =)

    Lovely blog btw...really cute and girly - love it!
    I'm a new follower =) <3

  3. i love the asda polishes, thank god for the truth in quick dry! could you do some swatches on mocca ice and warrior please? :) xxx

  4. Thanks girlies :) I will sort out some swatches for you indeed :) And yes, they do dry quickly - im so impatient when it comes to waiting for nail polish to dry!! x Daisy x

  5. I finally got round to having a nosey at the George polishes last night whilst in Asda and they have a great colour range ! x


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