Thursday, 9 September 2010

* Recent Lustings *

These are the items i've been lusting after this week!

Urban Decay Naked Palette.

This is packed with 12 lovely neutral shades - I want it sooo much! I expect by now that everywhere has sold out - im hoping that it *might* be in stock in Cheltenham when I go up for a wedding this weekend.

Models Own Nail Varnish.

Im so annoyed that I missed their 50% sale - grr! They do have the save £3/£5 offer, and 10% discount on thier facebook page, so I shall have to indulge! Im going to hopefully have a look at the shades in Boots first, and see which works out cheaper!

I want the shades:
*Nude Beige
*Gun Grey
*Deep Purple
*Dusty Mauve

The whole range is here.

MAC Costa Chic Lipstick

Ive seen this on a few blogs, and im very tempted, seeing as my my MAC lippie obsession has recently started! I love their staying powers, and how moisturised my lips feel after applying!

Designer Sunnies

I lusted after a pair of sunnies allll summer, and i'm not sure why I didnt buy any!? (Although im kinda glad, as I bought my laptop instead). I find sunnies really hard to buy - Ive only got a small face, so half of the styles out there dont suit me at all! Ive also seen some nice Quiksilver and Animal ones... ahh the temptation. I think these will be on my Christmas List!
And Something unrelated to makeup..
A new car!

Me and the Fiance have decided to look for new cars, seeing as once we have a whopping great mortgage to pay for, as well as a wedding, we probably won't be able to afford new cars!

Im lusting after either a VW Golf, or a Fiesta (In black or dark grey to be specific!)

So, if anyone fancies winging some money my way, these are the things I would like to buy :)

Daisy x


  1. They still had loads of Naked palettes in Boots and Debenhams near me - it only came out in these shops on Monday so fingers crossed you'll be able to get one. I love mine, it's fab!

  2. I can't wait to get my hands on the naked palette!
    The lipstick looks gorgeous too x


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