Wednesday, 8 September 2010

My first award!

Huge huge thanks to Sophie at who nominated me for this award! I was so happy, but as I was on holilday, I was unable to repost this at the time, so apologies for the delay!

The rules:

1. Once you recieve this award you must post a picture on your blog that is special to you and state why it is special.

2.You must post this award on your blog and thank the lovely person who gave you this award.

3.And last of all...Pass this award on to 5 lovely followers of your choice in appreciation of their follow :)

So, this is my picture. It might seem pretty boring to most people, but this is the little story behind it...

Back in the Easter Hols, my Boyfriend decided that we should visit Stourhead House and Park, in Wiltshire. He had always told me that he went as a child, and would love to go back. So, on 19/04/10 off we went, very nearly ending up miles away due to the SatNav! This picture was my very first view of the park, and its amazing! Little did I know that 10 mins after I took this pic, my boy was going to (very nervously!) pop the question! We sat down for lunch with my fave wine, and he pops out a beautiful white gold ring! It was all so lovley and perfect that I cried!!

So this picture, my very first view of Stourhead, will always remind me of the day of our engagement :) Sorry to be all soppy and mushy!!

Anyhoo - here are my nominations for this award:

Louise @ Affordable Treats

R May A @ Radiant Makeup

Danielle @ All in one Ella

Chloe @ Not From Concentrate

Jenny @ Life is Full of Beautyx

Pass this on if you please, and thanks again to Sophie-Lou-J!

Daisy xx


  1. Congrats on this beautiful award! Hope it is the first of many to come!
    New follower here,

  2. Aww what a lovely engagement story, you got a keeper! Congrats on the award! xx

  3. awh i love the story! thoughtful :')

  4. oh your story is so sweet, how more perfect can you get :) thankyou for the award :D xxx

  5. Congratulations!!!!

    and THANK YOU SO MUCH for nominating me!!!
    You won't believe how much this means to me. I've only been blogging for a few months & this shows me that people do actually like my blog =)

  6. Thankyou everyone, and no problem r.e. the nominating - I enjoy reading your blogs and love getting lovely comments from you all :)

    Daisy x

  7. beautiful story my lovely x your more than welcome for the award x :) x
    sophie-lou x

  8. Lovely engagement story! We went to Stourhead last week and it was absolutely stunning. Unfortunately it pee'd it down with rain just after we go there, so we were trudging round in cagoules and getting soaked! It was still beautiful with the temples emerging from the rain, but my boyfriend was a bit cold and miserable, so it wasn't as romantic as your trip! xx

  9. @BristolBeauty - aww rubbish! We were lucky it didnt rain tbh seeing as it was April!! I love it there though :) x


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