Wednesday, 29 September 2010

This weeks purchases!

Hi bloogeroonies!

As im desperately procrastinating today, I thought i'd get on with a couple of posts! On the weekend, I popped to Primark and picked up a few things!

Light Grey & Sparkly Snood - £4 (bargain?!)
Fluffy Socks - £2 (I looove these type of socks)
Kabuki Brush - £1.50

I had been after a snood for a while, and this colour is perfect!! It has silver tread running through it with teeny, subtle, sparkly sequins! Now I just need it to get colder so I can justify wearing woolies!

The Kabuki brush is bright pink, I think thats why I bought it really! Its surprisingly soft, and im hoping to buy some translucent powder soon, so I shall save it for that!

On another note, has anyone got this nail polish remover?

It STINKS! Its sooo strong! It leaves a whiffy chemically smell in the room for ages!
Wish I bought the purple one instead...

Thanks for reading lovelies :)

Daisy xx


  1. aw, i really want a snood, and the kabuki brush is awesome! i have it and i love it :D xxx

  2. May have to go buy that snood now!


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