Wednesday, 15 September 2010

A teeny tiny mini giveaway!

Hi bloggers!

Ive decided to give this little lipgloss away, as its a little too light for me, and ive never used this poor soul! Its feeling a little lonely and unloved in my makeup collection at the moment!

* Its 17 Ultimate Volume Lipgloss in Pink Ice.  *

Instead of having it sitting in my lipgloss pot forever more, unused and unloved, I thought maybe one of you might like to give it a home?!

It has never been used, and I received it in a free gift set from 17! Its travel size, so its 6ml, comapred to the usual 8ml you get if you bought this in the store!

So, feel free to request rehoming this poor little lipgloss, and if im in a particularly good mood, I might even throw in a couple of extra goodies! (Brand new & purchased by myself of course)

All you need to do is comment saying "I'll rehome your lipgloss" or something along those lines, haha!

I'll leave it open for a week, closing 22nd September, on the off chance that more than one person will want it, although I have no idea how likely this is! I'll then choose a name at random as the winner if more than 1 person enters!

Thanking you for reading :)
Daisy :) xx


  1. I'll rehome your lipgloss :)
    It's so sweet that your offering this to your followers x

  2. I'll Lovingly rehome your lipgloss and give it lots of use :)
    Thanks for the cute giveaway :)xx

  3. ill rehome your lipgloss haha :P xxxx

  4. i'll rehome your lipgloss,
    thanks for doing the giveaway
    :) xx

  5. i'll rehome your lovely lipgloss =) thanks so much hun xx

  6. Your lipgloss will be safe in my home:)

  7. thanks

    and ill give this lippy the lovin' it needs :D

    thanks.. stay fabulous xoxo

  8. I'll rehome your lipgloss ;) x


Thanking you for commenting :)


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