Saturday, 25 September 2010

Swatching on a Saturday! Asda & E.L.F

 Aloha Bloggins!

 Since ive aquired 6 new nail polishes recently (is that alot?!) I thought I'd do some swatches for you, as ive also had a request for some swatches of the Asda neutral colours!

So here are the new additions!

Left - Right
Mocca Ice, Warrior, Desert Haze, Mint Cream, Mysterious, Hoax.

All were £1.50 :)

First up - the ELF newbies as mentioned in my last post.
They took 3 coats to achieve this colour/coverage, but the colours are fab!
They both dried quickly too!

Next up,
Mocca Ice, Warrior, Mysterious
2 coats here, takes a little while longer to dry than ELF.

And last but not least, Hoax!

This picture doesnt do it justice, its a beautiful vibrant purple, with reddy blue undertones.
It is very different to Mysterious, which is more silver based.

Anyhoo, I hope you likey! What colours do you like?

Daisy :) x

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