Monday, 6 September 2010

Ins and Outs!

Hi bloggers, my camera is playing up, so instead of trying AGAIN to upload photos, i'll do one without my own photos, and steal them off the internet instead!

* Ins *

* My new laptop - its prettyful and shiney and new (well maybe not pretty, but I love it all the same!). My old one was sooo slow, and I got so fed up that I decided to treat myself! I had £120 of Capital Bonds vouchers (you can spend them in most high street stores) and I used my friends 10% discount card, to get it down in price! :) Now I blog much quicker!

*My new MAC makeup - I think I love it. Enough said I think!

*My kitty-cat getting better - she was quite poorly and stopped eating - after a week of tablets and medicine she's finally better and back to her lovely self again!

*Finding jeans that fit perfectly! Unfortunately they come from American Eagle in America.. I can rarely find ones that are the perfect length for me - 32" are too short, 34" are too long - maybe in a 33"?

* Outs *

* Missing the 50% off Models Own sale whilst I was in America! I want loads of their nail varnishes now! More on this next time!

*Rain - eughhhh - enough said?

*Finding the energy to keep fit and start running again - I need to muster up the drive to get back on my treadmill!

Thanks for reading (If you got this far!)

Daisy xx

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