Saturday, 3 July 2010

* Prettyful Jewellery Buys!

Aloha Bloggeroos!

I have been naughty and bought some jewellery over the past coupla' weeks, oopsie!! I should be saving for my holiday in July (Im off to sunny California for a month with the Boy! More on this another time!!)

Ahh, here they are! Does jewellery make anybody else just smile?!

Beaded bracelet - Asda £6
Yellow flower ring - Miss Selfridge £2 (fab sale!)
Purple earrings - Asda £3
Gold & beaded earrings - Accessorize £6 (I think!)

Soon after,I popped into Next - I never go in here, but the Fiance wanted a mooch, and I ended up with these beauts:

Silver beaded shell bracelet: £5.99

Gold and coral earrings: £4.99

Coming up soon will be a 'Jewellery Storage' Post - I am half organised, half chaotic if this makes sense!!

Thanks for reading, Daisy xx


  1. Wow! I love it all, especially the Asda pieces and the flower ring. For the samples, I just find free sample sites, a blogger told me about a good one which is called FreebieList, which is where I have been scabbing all my free samples lately haha :)

  2. Oh and the second from the left for the ELF sticks is Lilac Petal :) and you can find all four names in my review. Thank you for commenting!

  3. Oh and third comment haha I normally get contacted by Superdrug and other companies to review products. I don't do anything really, just regularly post and they find my blog

  4. OOh thankyou, I shall have a lookie! Ive been meaning to try ELF, maybe il ive that stick a go! Thanks for commenting & following! :) x

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