Saturday, 17 July 2010

Another Haul, & My First Lipstick!!

Hello Bloggers!

Ive been naughty and bought even MORE delights this week, and as the title suggests.... *my first lipstick!*

This may not seem as exciting to you as it does for me, but ive always been a lipgloss girl, and always thought of lipstick as a 'mum' thing (my mum always wore dark colours, so I kinda associated them with that really).

BUT, after seeing the blogging communities posts on lipstick, I took the plunge! Anyhoo, onto the loot...


Rimmel Colour Show Off Lipstick - £5.99 - 010 Pink Excess

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder - £3.99 - 003 Peach Glow

Superdrug Nourishing Nail Polish Remover Pads - £1.39 (For holiday!)

Rimmel Lasting Finish Nail Varnish - £2.99 - 239 Your Majesty

2True False Eyelashes - £1.95 - These are my first ever false eyelashes - I figured for £1.95 they would be ok for an experiment!

The lippie is very pigmented, with a touch of shimmer to it - perfect for a night out! The pink shinyness appealed to me I think! I really wanted a MUA Lippie, but our Superdrug doesnt stock it...grr! The Ultimate Dream is obs MAC - maybe i'll have a lookie in America to see if its cheaper!!

The Nail Varnish isnt quite as dark as I'd hoped (I wanted a darker grey to match my maxi dress), but is still a nice shade. It shall feature in a NOTW post soon I feel!

The nail varnish im sporting in the swatch pic is last weeks 17 freebie - Lasting Fix Nailpolish in Pink Grapefruit!

I also picked up these lovelies from Newlook:

Black Corsage Top, £6
Pastel Flower Hairslides £3
(These are such a bargain!! Accessorize's are twice the price! They also do them in darker colours if you are interested!)

Anyways, I hope you likey!

Daisy xx


  1. Great haul! That lipstick looks gorgeous :)

    How come the 17 varnish was a freebie? I love their varnishes.

    Sofia x

  2. Amazing haul :)I recentley bought the stay matte powder and it is so good! && that lipstick looks lovely :) xx

  3. thank you daisy for my comment on my blog :) it did take a while lol :) but i have nothing else to do now im waiting till october to start my new course hehe. BTW you were my first comment in ages i was starting to think my comments werent working haha x love this post the lippie is lusshhh, lol this is exactly how i thought of lippie b4 i baught one hehe :)
    Sophie-lou x

  4. @ Sofia - it was part of the 17 freebie pack when you spent over £6!

    @ Nicola - Im yet to try the powder as my other one hasnt quite run out, hopefully its good for me too!

    @ Sophie - Aww a nice long summer - plenty of time to paint nails in detail!! No probs about the comment :)


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