Sunday, 25 July 2010

* Prestige Skin Loving Minerals *

Hi bloggers!

I did promise myself I wasnt going to buy myself anything new make-up wise until I go to America (3 more sleeps to go!!). however, my big sis, who lives there, emailed me asking for a Max Factor Pan Stick Foundation. So...I had to go to the huuge Boots in the next town to get it, and I ended up picking up these two little treats :)

Prestige Kabuki Bronzer Brush - £3.99
Prestige Sunbaked Mineral Bronzing Powder - £7.99.

Both of these products had £1 off the normal price :)

I bought shade 03 - Pure Shimmer.

Kabuki Brush

What Prestige say about their brush:

"Crafted from the finest high quality "first-cut" natural hair. Professionally designed to release powder evenly and effortlessly with flawless results."

What I think:

Its nice and lightweight and compact - ideal for little makeup bags! The hairs are quite soft, although not as soft as I had hoped. Not a bad little brush for £3.99, although dont expect too much, as there are better brushes around. this one does the job for me though :)

 The Bronzing Powder

This product comes in three shades - Rich Bronze, Glam Tan, and the above, Pure Shimmer.

I went for the lightest, as im fairly fair skinned, and ive been on the hunt for the perfect hightlighter since my Revlon Skinlights Highlighter is slowly running out :(

From the above swatches, you can see it gives a natural and subtle shimmer - perfect! Id give it a 9/10!

I also thought id show you the foundation I got for my sis - Max Factor Pan Stick Foundation - Shade 13, Noveau Beige - they were £6.49 each (I got her two). I had never seen foundation in this form before!

You get alot of product - 9g. It seems pretty good, and I think i'd give this a try myself! There is a little turny thing (?!) at the bottom which you use to push up the product. I havent swatched it for obvious reasons - I dont think Big Sis would appreciate it haha!

Sorry for the long post! Hope you got this far! I'd better get a start on my packing!!
Has anybody else tried this range? I'd love to hear thoughts!

Daisy :) x


  1. I want to find prestige so much - I can't find it ANYWHERE!
    great review by the way :)

  2. Thankyou! Boots only had a teeny little stand of Prestige - and it was in one of their huge stores! They didnt have that much to choose from unfortunately :(


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