Thursday, 7 October 2010

Urban Decay or Too Faced?

Ok, I want to treat myself to a new eyeshadow palette - and im in love with TWO. Now I canot justify buying both (I have an MOT to pay for next month, and they are both kind of similar). So, I have to choose one!

The contenders are:

The infamous Urban Decay Naked Pallette, and the Too Faced Naked Eye Kit.

So, up first is UD:

Price: £28.00
Shadows: 12

Pros: Wide colour range, neutral taupes, golden shades and smokey greys.
Comes with 2 liners and 1 UDPP
Handy sleek case.
Built in Mirror.

Cons: Not widely available, more expensive than Too Faced.

Second, Too Faced:

 Price: £23.00
Shadows: 9

Pros: I looove the colours!
Its cheaper!
Comes with tutorial cards and applicator.
Highly pigmented.

Cons: Chunky box (waay too much packaging)
No added extras make up wise.
Less shadows = less looks.

So.. Im still undecided. Please can you help me!! What do you think of each one?

Daisy xx


  1. I can't decide between them both either! I think the main thing is whether you prefer cool or warm toned eyeshadows, as that is the biggest difference to me - Too faced is cool, whereas Naked is really rather warm.

  2. I haven't actually tried any Too Faced products but I do have the Naked palette as I LOVE Urban Decay's shadows and it is seriously amazing plus it has enough shadows in varying hues to take you from day to night. I got mine in House of Fraser in Broadmead but they did have it in Boots at the Mall last time I checked too :) I think it's more versatile for not that many more pennies

  3. Definitely go for the Naked Palette!

  4. I love cool neutrals - but it's still UD Naked Palette all the way for me! I've had mine a month and it's been used A LOT so I definitely got my money's worth. Still had loads at my nearest Debenhams last time I was in there. x

  5. I have both, and I love the naked palette way more, I use it all the time & the colours are so pimented.


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