Saturday, 26 May 2012

And there will be sun, sun, sun.

I hope everyone is enjoying the sun! It was so hot at work yesterday, the kids definately dont enjoy the heat!

Like most normal girls, I seem to have a slight problem with candles, in which I cannot seem to stop buying them! I thought I would share my current favourites that are burning in my house at the moment.

Apologies, I am pretty impatient and I did not take a picture of them looking pristine and un-burned sadly!

First up are my two Bomb Cosmetics candles in Gorgeous and Sex on Fire.  We picked them up for £7.25 from a cornish shop, but they are available on their own website or on ebay.

These smell beautiful! They are made with pure essential oils, and these two smell fab. Each one is decorated with cute little hearts too. I will admit though, I did put down about 15 other candles from this range because I hated the smell of them, but I am quite picky!

Sex on Fire is made with  ylang ylang and mandarin essential oils, and smells so homely and fruity - definately a repurchase for me.
Gorgeous is made with geranium and lemon essential oils, but the smell is quite difficult to describe! It reminds me of fruity sweets!

Next up are my Yankee samplers. I picked these up from Cadbury Garden Centre (I love it there!). I chose Bahama Breeze, and the Boy chose Stawberry.

I would love to try some different ones, what are your recommendations?


  1. LOVE summer candles, actually love candles all year round! lol cute blog, thanks for the comment :) xxx

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