Saturday, 27 August 2011

OPI Nice Stems Collection

Hi bloggers!

A little while ago I bought this mini set from Jen off Twitter! Im a sucker for OPI polishes and any pink nail polish, so I had to indulge! 

Left - Right
Play the Peonies ~ Come to Poppy ~ Be a Dahlia Won't You? ~ I Lily Love You.

First up- Play the Peonies

This is a light frosted pink (2 coats) - im not sure what I think of this one on its own - its a bit too light for me I think. It has a silvery white shimmer to it, but sadly isnt very me. Its good to have for nail art purposes though. (I apologise for the fact you can see my peeling nails beneath the polish, I never had this problem and now it wont go away!)

Come to Poppy

Come to Poppy is a bright coral-pink -its frosty with a touch of shimmer and 1/2 coats is plenty (1 was enough on some nails!). This colour is growing on me the more I wear it!

Be a Dahlia Won't You?

This one is definately my personal favourite - check out the sparkle! I can only describe it a bright barbie pink with added sparkle! I can definately see myself buying a full sized bottle of this one as I shall wear this one often! Again, this took 2 coats.

I Lily Love You

As you can see I put I Lily Love you over the other colours as on its own it can be quite sheer even after a few coats- my thumb nail has 3 coats on, and the other nails have 2 coats of it over the top. It has different sized glitter bits in, and it also dries rather quickly too, which is a plus!Im not sure I would wear this on its own, but it definately gives another look to non-glitter polishes! A very versatile colour to have.

This set is Limited Edition so if you want to get your hands on it I wouldnt hang around! You can buy some from ASOS (full size) or websites like Beauty Bay for the mini set, or Lena White for either size!
 It retails for between £10 - £13 depending on the retailer.

Are you a fan of girlie pinks? They seem to be the main colour that I have reached for this summer!


  1. Glad you like them. Be a dahlia is my fave too I bought the full size one x

  2. These look lovely, I love the glitter one!

  3. i love anythink with a bit of glitter on it so i love the glitter one. x

  4. all of them are gorgeous! but i love the pink one with the glitter!

  5. I love all the shades in the Nice Stems Collection, they are perfect for a girly girl like me :) xx


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