Monday, 6 June 2011

Malibu & Nails Inc Polish Promo!

Evening girlies, hope you have all had a good Monday!

I just thought i'd share a Nails Inc & Malibu collaboration I came across! Two perfectly summery things - bright nail polish, and a refreshing Malibu and lemonade! (or Coca-Cola if thats your thing!)

Malibu Cosmo         Maliblush       Malibu Mojito

Up until 31st August 2011, if you buy two Malibu drinks in participating bars, you will receive a code to enter on the Nails Inc website to recieve a free Nails Inc Polish! (Click here to visit the site!)

The important details:

You must be 18 or over - responsible drinking now ladies ;)
You must pay £1.69 P&P (not bad for a polish worth £11 IMO!)
There is NO mention of participating bars sadly.

I really like the look of Malibu Cosmo and Mojito! I shall definately be heading down to a pub to ask if this promotion is running, and shall certainly indulge in a couple of summery beverages! 
Will you be looking for this deal?



  1. Oh wow this is awesome as if I ever have a drink then malibu and lemonade is my tipple of choice.
    Such a shame they don't say where the participating bars are!

  2. There's a participating bar near me but I don't like malibu! x

  3. I can't stand Malibu but all of these colours are actually gorgeous! xxx

  4. I got Malibu Cosmo in this offer, but I was given a leaflet that meant I could take it to a Nails Inc stall and just take a free nail polish :) Also came with a £5 off a manicure offer. Wasn't until I sorted through my smallish collection of nail polishes that I realised I have about 3/4 polishes in similar shades to Malibu Cosmo, so I'm kind of wishing I'd gotten Malibu Mojito instead :(

    Steph x

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  7. I love those shades!!

    Great blog, now following.

    Sadie x


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