Sunday, 5 June 2011

Primark Treats!

Evening ladies! Just a quick post from me today!

I visited Primark on Oxford street on my recent trip, and picked up a few goodies in amongst the crowds! We were in there till 9pm as we did some late afternoon shopping! 
I treated myself to one of the famous £5 dresses! It reminds me of a Hollister style dress, just at a fraction of the price!

 I love the print on this one! I did also get the black one with the little horses on but accidentally got a size 6 - oops! It had to go back and sadly Bristol didnt have any in my size - only 6's which was odd!

I picked these cute hair slies for a bargainous £1.50 - theyre so summery and im looking forward to wearing them on a summery day!

And lastly, this top - it was £8 and is made out of a stretchy material and it fits nicely. I like the layering on the sleeves as its a little different to a standard tee.

I didnt find much else clothes wise, but I did pick up some new sheets for our new kingsize bed! They had loads of colours and were reasonably priced too! Plus they come in packs of 2 - 2 bottom sheets, 2 sets of 2 pillow cases etc, a good idea non?

Has anyone else got any Primark bargains recently?


  1. I love the print of the dress. So pretty :) xo

  2. Well I bought 3 of those £5.00 dresses and 2 of them washed well but the black one has gone all faded and the material has gone all hard and weird (after just one wash). I am going to take it back as I only bought it 2 weeks ago. Love the hair slides and the stripe top is nice too x

  3. Got to love a bit of a Primark spend up. Looks like you got some great bits x

  4. I love that dress, I found a few cute summery dresses and shorts in there actually :)
    Primark do good summer stuff you have to agree!! xxx


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