Monday, 23 January 2012

Battle of the Dry Shampoo!

Hello there!

Long time no blog! Life just kind of ran away with me and blogging took a back seat (even though i've had plenty to blog about!). Teaching is hard work but I love it!

I thought i'd get back into the swing of things with a post i'd been meaning to write for a while; my views on my dry shampoo collection!

I have used 4 different dry shampoos recently - 3 from Batiste, and 1 from Superdrug. I thought I kept the empty bottle of Superdrugs version, but cannot find it, so I have borrowed one from!

From the Batiste range, I have tried the following:

I believe Original & Wild retail for around the 2.99 mark, and XXL Volume £3.99.

From the Superdrug Range I tried 'Away with the Fairies'. This happens to be a more purse friendly alternative, at £1.99, with buy 1 get 2 free at the moment!


Batiste Original - In short - Love it! This makes my hair feel clean and refreshed - so much so that I am not sure how I lived without it! Sometimes I do get bored of the smell though and crave a different fragrance! 

Batiste Wild - Does the job as always, and I find the fragrance does last (I can often smell it later on in the day or the morning after i've applied it). It does have a musk smell, which I am not overly keen on, so I would prefer to try another flavour than repurchase this particular one. 

Batiste XXL Volume - I was desperate to try this, as my hair tends to stay quite flat, but sadly this just made my hair sticky and cakey - sadly not a repurchase. It seems to work much better on other people though!

Superdrug Away with the Fairies - This had a nice fresh fragrance, but I felt it didn't leave my hair feeling as fresh and clean as Batiste - Bastise felt a little 'thicker' if that makes any sense? I wouldnt repurchase simply because I feel Batiste does a better job for my hair type, but it is a complete bargian at the moment! 

So overall, Batiste Original is the clear winner - I would like to try some other fragrances to hopefully find a staple product for my dressing table!

I have not tried Tresemme Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo, but have just noticed it is on offer at Superdrug for £2.35 rather than £4.79 - bargain!

I'd love to hear about your favourites or dislikes, let me know!
Thankyou for reading, and I promise to get back in the swing of blogging!


  1. I always use Batiste dry shampoos, but I was in two minds the other day, while shopping to try the Superdrug verisons. But I think I'll stick to the good old Batiste! lol Great post!!


  2. I can never seem to grasp how to use batiste for voulume, bit of a hair novice! But I love it for putting on my fridge as it seems to go greasy about half an hour after it's been washed!

  3. I've never got on with dry shampoos, good to hear your thoughts!xxx


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