Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Some recent buys - 1 - Sleek Original Pallette

Good morning :) I just thought I would share with you some recent buys! After reading the flurry of Sleek Eyeshadow Palette reviews a couple of months ago, I waited for a while for Superdrug to restock on theirs and had a little nosy! After muchos umming and ahhing, I decided to indulge in the 'Original' palette! They were my style of colours and I thought it had a good mix of subtle day wear colours, and summery evening brights.

I love the colours, they are so shimmery, apart from the matt black, and can allow you to create so many looks!

Yes, I know youve all seen it before, but I wanted to share ;)

I played around, as Ive never been that adventurous with eyeshadows - I didnt really know how to mix, but since blogging is full of eyeshadow tips, I had a little go! I created this look for our Engagement party!

I used the gold in the bottomleft as a base, blended with the brown on the bottom (2nd from right) with a smigeof the black in the corners. I also used Primarni liquid eyeliner, and Mybelline Volume Flash mascara in Black.

I loved these pallettes so much! I bought the 'Storm' set for my friend as it is her birthday - I hope she likeys! I also convinced my Mumsie to give it a go - the green complimented her green dress she wore to a wedding the other weekend, and it looked fab against her hazel eyes!

I thought i'd leave you with Jessycat - she likes to get involved! (I think she likes my choice!)

Thanks for reading!

And PS, a thankyou to my few, but appreciated followers!! :) xx


  1. wow great blog daisy x love the cats :) im obsessed with cats and my own lil house baby jodiecat :) x
    Sophie-lou x

  2. Aww thankyou! I do love my princesses - they rule the house! Thanks for commenting & following!! :) x


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