Tuesday, 23 November 2010

30 Things I want to do tag :)

Afternoon Lovelies!

Seeing as im tucked up in bed (STILL) all germy and yukky and tonsilly, I thought i'd entertain myself with a Tag I found whilst reading the Christina Marie Says.. blog!

All you have to do is list down 30 things you'd like to wish for, however big or small - I love reading these type of things! Some are more worthwhile things id like to do, ie about life, family, whereas others are about makeup and clothes, haha! So please dont judge ;)

So here goes, here are my 30 little self indulgent wishes! I would like to...

1: Complete the sale of the house were trying to buy - weve been plagued with bad luck so far :(

2: Make a snowman again this winter - I love love love the snow!! And by this I mean proper snow, not the poncey sprinkle of dust. I want big, thick, fluffy, casues chaos snow!! hehe!

3: Visit New York - properly! Ive stopped at Newark, NJ and saw NY in the hazy evening distance, but i'd love to visit there next!

4: Book our wedding date! Although the house needs to come first :( We want to go to Mexico! Hot hot!!

5: Reach 100 followers by my birthday! Which is coming up rather quickly, oh my!

6:  Go to Glastobury Fest! Ive been to Reading before, next is Glasto!

7: Own some glittery nail polish, e.g. Models Own or Nails Inc! (These are on the Christmas/Birthday List!!)

8: Go Christmas Shopping In London! I love the shops, the lights, the magical feel...sigh!

9: Develop an ability to keep my room tidy.

10: Someday, own a walk in closet, where my clothes will not be squished together, therefore not needing an iron before every wear!

11: Have clear skin! Although Clinique is helping me along :)

12: Finish my Jill Mansell book collection! (Geek, I know! haha)

13: Meet Marian Keyes the authour - I love her! I own every single one of her books!

15: Finish a lipstick or ligloss - I dont think I ever have!

16: Have my family home from America for good - my big sis, brother in law and nephews (not just for Christmas, I miss them too much :( )

17: Get my own cat when I move out - im not allowed to take our two family cats!

18 Specifically, get a Snowshoe Cat! Check out this post from The Roxy Loves to see what one looks like! George the kitten is so lush!

19: Buy either the UD Naked Palette or Start a MAC pallette!

20: Buy a one shoulder dress from either Newlook or Topshop!

21: Visit the Maldives - Oh my word it looks AMAZING! A private cabin, on the end of  a jetty, clear blue seas? YES please.

22: Dye my hair brown - ive been blonde for about 8 years!!

23: Be hospital free - ive not had a 'hospital visit free' year EVER! I just want to be ok! The latest is down to eardrum problems related to my other condition..fun stuff!

24: Learn to make a good curry or chinese meal! Ive got the recepie books, I just cannot be bothered to cook it, haha!

25: Purchase some more MAC lippies - I feel like I need more in my life!

26: Find a miracle nail polish that does not chip!! No matter what I do, it chips. Annoying, no?

27: Pluck up the courage to tell my boy about my blog ;)

28: Buy some Aussie hair products - Ive tried the 3 minuit mircale and it smells lush! I want more!

29: Go on a shopping spree for, ahem, myself, in Lush! I want so much stuff from there! Plus my bathroom would smell AMAZE. Thats a good enough reason, yes?

30: Have an immune system boost! I get ill ALL the time. And I hate the doctors, they get everything wrong, it always takes two trips to get something sorted. Mini rant over, ha!

Feel free to do this, im aware this is quite long, so apologies there! Let me know if youve done it on your blog :)

This picture totally made me smile! I found it when I looked for "Wish" on weheartit! 

Lots of germy love, Daisy x


  1. Ah i get what you mean about needing more MAC lipsticks ;) me too, haha! I have 3 but there so many that i want :D Thanks for the mention btw, i loved your wishes! Good luck with the whole health thing, hope it's nothing too serious x

  2. I just bought Models Own Mystic Mauve. Its not glittery as such, but is metallic and shiny. Its so pretty, I am mesmerised by it!

    Anna x

  3. Im like you on 27 I still havent told my bf about it

  4. @ChristinaMarie - I only have a couple of MAC ones, but I find theyre so much better than any others I have! And thanks, health stuff is ongoing, but nothing too major anymore (hopefully!) x

    @Anna - I had my eye on that one, I will try and check it out in Boots! x

    @Sarah - We should tell them, see what they say! x


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