Saturday, 27 November 2010

NOTW * Nails Inc & an attempt at nail art!

Hi Snowangels!

I do hope youre enjoying the snow as much as I am! Although, from twitter, there seems to be a mixed reaction haha!

I thought I would show you my Nails of the Weekend today! And also my very teeny tiny attempt at nail art (I say nail art, in fact, itys ome dots on my nails, but weve all gotta start somewhere hehe!)

I started off with my Nails Inc Jermyn Street, which im sure most of you have courtesy of Glamour! 

I then used some George nail polish in  Mocca Ice to add a sprinkling of gold dots to the corner of each nail!
My novice attempt seemed to come out ok! I even got some compliments on them! :)

I am in awe of bloggers who can do proper nail art (One who springs to mind is Dottie K, check out her leopard print nails on her blog! And also Sophie-Lou-J - shes fab as well! See her blog here!) I dont have a steady left hand, and ALWAYS mess up! Im thinking of investing in a Models Own nail art pen to see if that helps!

Do you attempt nail art? Do you have any tips I can use to make my paltry attempts better?!

Daisy xx


  1. Love how cute this looks!! You're so lucky to have gorgeous natural looking nails, i got jealous of all the lovely NOTD posts so caved and got gel nails again so i can join the club. I used to have them all the time, but my nails suffered (and never really recovered!)

    this is super cute and might copy ;)

    Hannah xx

  2. Ive had a little go at nail art on my own nails but nothing more than a french manicure but with other colours. However i do try different designs, like the leopard print on false nails. So i buy the press on nails from nailene or like the ones out of B&M for £1 odd and then do it on them, then put them on. Like you, i dont have a steady left hand and using false nails is great because i can do it all with my right hand and then put them on :) Its worth a go isnt it!

    Laura xoxo

  3. Hello :) Thanks for the mention lovely! I acquired Jermyn Street from Glamour too. I love the look of the George polish, I'll add that to my list of polishes to get. Great first attempt at nail art! I started out doing similar things, then I trawled the internet for nail art inspiration photos and followed other nail art blogs and got ideas from there and voila, here I am today. Practice makes perfect. If you can get some cheap dotting tools you can do loads with them :) I definitely recommend the Models Own Nail Art pen too, it's fab! xxx

  4. Your nails look really cute - great attempt at nail art! x

  5. wow the nails look cute and simple love them


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