Wednesday, 17 November 2010

NOTD! Sleek Oxford Nailed Polish.

Hi Bloggers!

Ive been such a bad blogger recently! This is mainly down to a few things!

1- Work work work - working with children with special needs is quite tiring - my class are quiet young, and therefore lively, making me a sleepy girl by the time ive got home!

2- Trying to buy a house - Ive spent more time researching new things for a house rather than blogging! (if the flipping sellers decide to accept our offer! Gahh!)

3- Embarking on a No-Spend-November - im skint and have Christmas to pay for soon! (Plus a potential mortage!) I have been very good this month and only bought Glamour for the Nails Inc!

So, seeing as I havent got anything new to share, I thought id revisit some of my nailpolish collection!

Last weekend, it was the turn of Sleek's Oxford polish - a metallic navy blue.

I remembered only wearing it once before, so I felt it ought to come out and convince me it was worthy of being worn again.
This is one coat on the nails with a topcoat- I painted them Friday night, and these pics were taken Saturday morning.

The colour is quite nice, and strong for only one coat. The downside is that it chipped really badly, even with a topcoat, reminding me why it had been banished to the back of my collection (If you look closly the chips are appear in the pictures after an evenings wear!). Its also a nightmare to get off!!

Has anyone found any negatives with Sleek nailpolish as well? Its definately put me off purchasing any others from their range!

Daisy xx


  1. your nails are lush!! Mine are so short and stumpy and horrible, that when i paint them it just looks awful! Fakes all the way for me! xx

  2. @Hannah- My nails are awful underneath because of winter/my job, hence why I paint them as soon as I finish on a Friday! Theyre peeling - yuk! Id love to try fakes but Im not sure if theyd annoy me! x

    @Molly, thanks! Shame about the chipping though :( x

  3. That is a gorgeous colour :D xx


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