Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Clinique buys and a fab freebie!

Aloha lovelies! I hope everyone has been enjoying the sunshine this week!

A few weeks ago, I needed a top of of a couple of Clinique products that I regularly use...

Clinique Superbalanced Foundation, & Clarifying Lotion.

Yes, I know I said I didnt want to keep buying Clinique foundation, but I couldnt resist!
Boots had an offer at the time, where if you bought 2 or more selected items, you received a free gift. Clinique? Free Gift? I was hooked! Off I trotted to Boots (twice I might add, they were out of stock of the foundation in the shade I use - Alabaster). The sales assistant popped this little gem into my bag..

A tin FULL of useful goodies! And in decent sizes too! Im going to use the tin to store cotton wool balls etc.

You recieved Youth Surge moisturiser with SPF 15, dramatically different moisturising lotion & liquid facial soap..

A mini High Impact mascara (Ive got quite a collection of these now thanks to the Glamour freebies and the mascara swap that Clinique have run in the past!)

A teeny brush, which is ok... I doubt i'll use this.

A superbalm gloss in shade Apricot.

And finally, an eyeshadow quad, which initially I was excited about!

The colours seemed right up my street, but sadly arent as pigmented as id hoped. I tried wearing them over UDPP, but alas, still not as good as i'd hoped. I may have to pay around with them a bit more. You can see the swatches below arent amazing unfortunately.. Has anyone else found this with Clinique eyeshadow?

Unfortunately this offer has now ended, but the current Boots offer isnt bad - you can recieve 750 Boots Points when you buy 3 or more selected Boots Products. Are any of you Clinique Fans? Ive seen mixed opinions on this brand!

Daisy xxx


  1. I LOVE superbalanced foundation so so much - my favourite by a million miles!
    The tin you got is adorable as well, very jealous!


  2. Oooh, I love those free quads, I got one last time in Strawberry Fudge - it's amazing. Their free gifts are really good.
    Fab blog :)!
    Now a follower :)
    Jade By The Sea

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