Friday, 15 April 2011

* Fashion Crossing Prizes :) *

Hi lovelies!

A little while ago, I won the Fashion Crossing giveaway! Thankyou Belinda! I won some lovely prizes and I though i'd share them with you whilst I wait for my carpet to be fitted (after the initial drama of not having enough to do our bedroom...sigh)

Carmex Mint lipbalm, Montagne Jeunesse facepacks, Batiste (always handy!!) China Glaze polishes in Below Deck and Sugar Plums, a Lush Ma Bar, a £10 lush voucher (wowee!), Pretty Quik nail polish remover, and some pretty jewellery!

Im excited to recieve my first China Glaze polishes, and cant wait to show you these in a post of their own! Below Deck is a current fave of mine!

Im saving the Ma Bar for when we move into our new house, so I can use it is my new bathroom!

Who can resist Primarni jewellery?! Theyre so cute and I love the rose detail on the necklace.

Thankyou again for my prizes! You can check out Belinda's blog here!


  1. Wow you're so lucky, they're great prizes! xxx
    Also, I'm having a giveaway, maybe you'd like to enter and hopefully win again hehe? :)

  2. So jealous you got some lovely things! :)

  3. Congratulations, great mix of goodies :)
    izzy xx

  4. I have those earrings! :) lucky you having a tenner to spend in lush!! xxx

  5. congrats on your winning ! such an exciting package to receive like the jewelry and the lush item .

  6. Congrats! Cute earrings, and the Ma Bar looks yummy x


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