Thursday, 21 April 2011

* Paperchase Storage *

Morning ladies! Just a quick post today to show you my new Paperchase storage!

Recently a Paperchase opened in my local shopping centre - The Mall at Cribbs Causeway, Bristol. After seeing various posts featuring paperchase storage, I had to go have a nosey, and came out with these two lovelies :)

First up, the Pink Butterfly Letter Tray - £8.95

This is so girly! Im going to use it to store my eyeshadow pallettes and bronzers.

Next up, Damask Pen Pot, £6.00.


I am intending on using this to store my brushes, as they are mixed up with my lip glosses at the moment! There were plenty of different designs, including a matching pink butterly print which would match the letter rack pallette storage that I bought, but I wanted a contrast in colour and pattern.

I thought the prices are very reasonable, and the products seem like they are made well. I will show you what they look like in use when we move in, along with my WH Smith Cupcake Storage Box that I have blogged about before!

Paperchase are having a little sale at the moment, it does feature some cute notebooks, and some storage ideas from the Vintage Rose Collection

Vintage Rose Stationary Box, £4.50.

Does anyone else have any Paperchase storage? Let me know, i'd love to see some blog posts about it!

Daisy xx


  1. both are so cute :)
    i'm looking for something similar to the pen pot - definately going to check paperchase out!! x

  2. I love that letter tray, so cute.
    Grate post

  3. I have the letter rack in black for palette storage! I might get that Damask pen pot for my lipglosses though - I'm running out of adequate storage space! xxx

  4. ahh my local shopping centre is Cribbs Causeway too!! :)
    Do live in Bristol or on the outskirts? xxx

  5. Thanks for the comments ladies! There were some lovely other designs in the pen pots!

    @Kirstie, im south of Bristol, just down the M5! x

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  7. I bought the letter tray and a pink butterfly pen pot on Saturday...Great minds ;) xoxo


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