Wednesday, 13 April 2011

* ELF Brush Collection *

Hi there girlies! And hello new readers - *waves* 

Apologies for the lack of posts (and thaks for clicking follow even though I havent posted for a while!!) - the house is coming along well - many 12 hour days renovating is paying off - were at the painting stage now, 90% of the kitchen is in, carpets are coming Friday, and Sofa Monday. Exciting! Anyways, enough waffle, I thought i'd squeeze in a blog post that had been lurking unfinished in my drafts for a while!

 Today I thought i'd show you my ELF brush collection, as I recently ordered a few newbies.

I ordered the Eyeshadow brush, defining eye brush, Eye crease brush, Concealer brush and the bronzing brush.All brushes were a bargainous £1.50!

I already had the blending eye brush and the smudging eye sponge - numbers 4 and 7 in the picture below.

E.L.F state: "All e.l.f. professional makeup brushes have been designed and tested by professional makeup artist Scott Vincent Borba." Which suggests that they should be pretty good if they have been tried by a makeupartist, non?

My thoughts:

*1: Defining eye brush: This seems pretty good and pretty solid, allowing definition under the eyes, which I like - 4/5

*2: Blush/Bronzing brush - This is a little small for my liking, i'd imagained it too be a bit bigger. It is soft and fluffy, but could have been a bit more 'sturdy' if you get my meaning! A little disappointed with this one. 2/5

*3: Concealer brush - the bristles fell out of this after the first use which was disappointing (But ELF did send me a new one which I am yet to try). I am happy with the actual brush though, its easy to use and covers blemishes easily. 3/5

*4: Blending eye brush - this is nice and fluffy, and pretty much does what its name suggests! 4/5

*5: Eye crease brush -  this seemed pretty good until I discovered it had a hard centre, like it had dried glue in the bristles, humm. This was the one I was most looking forward to using - shame really! 1/5.

*6: Eyeshadow Brush - This is thick and fluffy and i'd say about average. I have another eyeshadow brush form Superdrug (The QVS brand) and this is slimmer and sleeker, and I think I prefer this one sadly. 3/5.

*7: Smudging eye sponge - this one I dont tend to use this one that often, but its nice and sturdy, and seems perfect for its job!

Overall, Im pretty happy with my set, but am keen to try out the Studio range, which retail at a reasonable £3.50 per brush. Twitter ladies have informed me that they are good - when I have some spare pennies, I shall start investing :) Obviously, the dream is a MAC collection, but at £10+ per brush, I simply cannot afford it!
What are your thoughts on the £1.50 brushes - are you a fan?
Thanks for reading, xx


  1. You're not the only one who is having to shy away from Mac brushes, as luxurious + gorgeous as they are, I'm actually enjoying finding cheaper alternatives. Great review.

  2. The Studio range brushes are really good and a great alternative to MAC x

  3. Nice post...haven't really looked into Elf brushes before. Love the brush case.x

  4. I would love a full MAC collection as well, but unfortunately have to look for cheaper alternatives a lot of the time, so now my collection is a mish-mash of loads of random brands. I actually quite like EcoTools brushes, which aren't too expensive but are so soft and have nice wooden handles. Nice post. :)


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