Thursday, 21 April 2011

Up for grabs...

Hello again lovelies!
I have had this little set of nail art stickers hanging around my nail box for a while and was going to chuck it out, when I thought i'd offer it on here first!


I got it in a set, im not really sure WHAT its meant to be...googly eyes? flowers? Whatever it is meant to be, I dont want it! If you would like it and you live in the UK, then leave a comment below! First come first served! If anyone actually wants them lol!

Daisy xx


  1. I would love these if that's ok?! I will pay for postage :) xx

  2. Hi Jessica, no problem! Dont worry about postage i'll just pop them in the post for you (as long as your in the uk that is?!) Its only a tiny little set, nothing huge. Email me your adress to xx


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